Cali Obama Judge Halted Trump’s Asylum Rule


A tyrannical U.S. District judge in San Francisco issued a preliminary injunction to halt the Trump Administration’s new asylum policy.

Obama Judge Jon Tigar temporarily halted Trump’s policy banning asylum seekers who pass through another country while they are en route to the United States. It will allow them bond hearings.

On Wednesday, a D.C. judge refused to stop the policy. The unelected Obama judge decided to tell the President what he can do nationwide.

Left-wing Politico reported: the judge said the rule is inconsistent with existing asylum laws. He also found the decision to be “arbitrary and capricious.”

It might expose the illegal aliens [they’re not migrants] to “grave dangers.” Apparently, the U.S. is responsible for everyone in the world’s safety except for citizens.

The un-American ACLU was thrilled with the decision.

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