Cali Proposes a bill to let people here illegally run the Dem Party


California lawmakers proposed a new bill, SB 288, that would grant illegal aliens the right to serve in Democrat Party leadership positions locally and statewide, Breitbart reports.

Democrats are nuts. They want foreigners, who broke into our country illegally, and have no stake in our values, to lead their party.

They are the party of illegal aliens, literally.

The new bill would allow them to be part of shaping the party’s platform, including serving as state convention delegates and county committee leaders.

Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) told reporters Friday that he wants the bill to send a loud message to America.

He went on to a truly wrong-headed attack on the President. “As our immigrant communities face vicious attacks from this President and his administration, California must embrace, lift up, and empower immigrant voices and leaders. Immigrants contribute to our economy, culture, and civic life. They’re already leaders in our communities and should have a seat at the table. The Democratic Party will continue to lead as the party the embraces all communities, and this legislative fix will help keep us on track.”

Wiener tweeted that the legislation will allow DREAMers and other immigrants to run for Democratic Party positions: Democratic County Central Committee and state delegate.

“[Illegal] Immigrants are part of our community & should be part of the political process, w a full seat at the table,” the

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4 years ago

When, when, when will the legal law-abiding citizens of CA have had enough of the leftist drivel?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

They have no respect for the laws in this country practicing complete anarchy and voting for power no matter what the extremes.

Bobby Cosgrove
Bobby Cosgrove
4 years ago

Someone has been drinking the cool aid.