Cali to Tax Citizens Who Don’t Have Health Insurance to Pay for Illegals


Just after California refused to give healthcare to seniors — seniors who are citizens, California decided to tax people without insurance to pay for the insurance of illegal aliens between the ages of 19 through 25. It will be provided for under Medi-Cal.

The bill is due to pass soon in this one-party Socialist state.

The California illegal alien healthcare plan is part of Newsom’s $213 billion budget.

They want more illegal aliens — it gives them voting power, assembly seats, and a lot of funding. Healthcare alone makes the trip worthwhile, and Cali’s free healthcare will soon be known worldwide. This is the kind of policy that will destroy our healthcare system and it is one that Democrats [Socialists] want countrywide.

There are 1.5 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, yet they keep spending. They claim it will cost $98 million for about 90,000 people. Their math is suspect. Soon it will be extended to all illegal aliens. Some already do get it. This is a state that receives a great deal of federal taxpayer funding.

People already receive services in emergency rooms, but they want to tax those citizens who are uninsured.

Also, it must be noted that the illegal aliens all lie about their age and no one asks them to prove a thing.

During an interview with Fox News on Monday, conservative commentator Dan Bongino slammed the lawmaker’s decision.

“They actually tried this in Vermont … and the Democrat, yes Democrat governor of Vermont had to pull back on it because it’s obvious fiscal insanity,” said Bongino.


California’s socialist policies are destroying the state and there is no turning back because of the altered demographics. The same thing is going on throughout the nation, and it’s possibly too late for the nation as well.

Healthcare for young illegals is not only an invitation to illegal aliens, it’s an invitation to the cartels run by young men. Every time we invite illegals, we partner with traffickers, drug dealers, and terrorists who wish to exploit the open border.

In Mexico, six cartels run the country and the country is lost. It’s a narco-state. We are currently encouraging these same people to come here, and they are. Eventually, they will have the political power and you will see the worst form of neo-communism to ever exist.

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