Cali Today! LGBTQIA Drag Queen Will Run for Adam Schiffs’ Seat


A drag queen will run against Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff for his seat in Congress, The Daily Caller reported.

The queen’s name is ‘Maebe A. Girl’ but, uh, maebe she’s not.

Girl ran on the ‘first drag queen elected to local government’ ticket to win a seat on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and now seeks higher office on the same ‘drag queen’ ticket.

She can’t be worse than Schiff. It’s simply not possible, but winning a seat because of sexual identity is completely insane.

“While I appreciate his allyship, I think someone that is actually a part of the queer community, that understands the day-to-day struggles, would be a better representative than an ally,” Girl said of Schiff. “I want people to know that there are more progressive people on the ballot.”

She allegedly has a strong sense of civic duty. Hmm…

Drag queens can be gay, transgender, or not. Most are gay, cisgender males, according to Psychology Today. In Girl’s case, s/he identifies as a Genderqueer and an LGBTQIA person. A Genderqueer is a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both or a combination of male and female genders. How many Genderqueers could there be and we are supposed to turn our country upside down with them in charge? It’s gone too far. They deserve respect but they’re not superior.

That is truly nuts!

Someone named Maebe a Girl could conceivably beat Schiff because she’s a drag queen. Nothing against Maebe personally, but that’s nuts people!

It’s also insane to mandate overly sensitive LGBTQIAs be called by certain pronouns. We have to use incorrect English? It’s not hate speech to say they might have a mental illness or maybe they are just plain fascists. Who are these people to mandate anything? They are a minority in numbers and we are giving them power by allowing them to do this. It’s absurd. Don’t succumb.

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