Cali Unlawfully Gives Social Security Benefits to Prisoners


It’s against the law but California prisoners got the social security payments anyway. California socialists can’t give away the taxpayers’ money fast enough, and often to the most undeserving as well.

Prisoners incarcerated in California took in $3.5 million in Social Security payments from taxpayers.

The inspector general for the agency reported 123 inmates received the disability and retirement payments despite the Social Security Act prohibiting payments to individuals “confined to a jail, prison, or certain other public institutions for committing a crime.”

The report, released late last month, also found the Social Security Administration’s database of prisoner information had errors in 31 percent of prisoners’ personal information. The information didn’t match their SSA records.

That’s big government at work. Union employees who can’t get fired! Who thought of that genius idea? Most people do their jobs well but being able to terminate bad employees is critical.

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