Cali Wants to Replace George Washington With Communist May Day


A leftist politician is California would like to replace George Washington’s birthday with the Communist May Day celebration. It will happen eventually, maybe not now, but eventually, because of the imported foreigners here illegally who are giving the leftists their numbers and political clout.

Honestly, the only thing that could possibly save California is to ship out all the illegal foreigners who are so easily manipulated by the hard-left.

The radical moneymen behind these leftist movements would also have to be treated as enemies of the state.

None of that will happen so goodbye California.

Last week, California’s state legislature considered a bill that would allow school districts to get rid of Washington Day or Lincoln Day as separate paid holidays and use one of those days to mark International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day.

May Day, May 1st, is the day all the communists and socialists go out and celebrate. It’s a day when every misfit can come out and be praised for being violent and for pretending they are oppressed.

Leftists like to say communism/socialism is what “democracy looks like”.

Where Did the Communist Holliday Come From

May Day, May 1st, is also known as International Worker’s Day and it has its roots in Communism. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Veterans of Foreign Wars recognized May Day as Americanization Day in opposition to Communism. There is not much opposition any longer.

It is also rooted in American communism and the violent labor movements.

According to Time, in 1889, the International Socialist Conference declared it a holiday to commemorate a labor protest which resulted in Chicago’s “Haymarket Tragedy.”

When police urged protesters to disperse on that night in May 1886, seven officers were killed after a bomb exploded.

In response, police opened fire on the crowd. According to Time, several people died and 200 were wounded in the incident.

In 1949, Americanization day was renamed Loyalty Day.

In 1958, Congress officially declared May 1 as Loyalty Day and President Eisenhower proclaimed it Law Day as well.

Labor unions are attached to the day specifically because of its communist roots.

Illegal Latino immigrants, at the prompting of the Labor unions, have taken the day for their cause. May 1, 2006, became the Great American Boycott Day. They demanded amnesty and were joined by socialists, unions, and other leftist groups.

Labor Day was supposed to be May Day

Grover Cleveland ordered the Labor Day holiday which was originally supposed to be May Day. Unions were pushing for it during the violent Pullman Strikes. Congress had the votes for it and didn’t need Cleveland’s vote so he approved it but pushed it to the first Monday in September to avoid the May Day Communist connotation.

Cleveland wanted to deflect attention away from the violent labor movement and Haymarket Square riots.

“Cleveland’s choice to establish Labor Day in September deflected attention away from another explosive labor action — the Haymarket massacre of 1886, the origin of international observance of the May 1 holiday.”


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