California Dem Bashes Al Jazeera On Al Jazeera TV


h/t Robert J. Howard and Newsbusters

Brad Sherman

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA)

California Democrat Brad Sherman isn’t a big Al Jazeera fan. He bashed them while being interviewed by them on their TV station. The interview concerned the state of affairs between Gaza and Israel.

“Every one of those rockets is a war crime… every rocket that is not aimed at a military target but is aimed at a city,” Sherman said from Capitol Hill – it was live. “The owners of this TV network help fund Hamas.”

He went on to call the Hamas offensive launched against Israel “open season on those of the Jewish faith.”

“The idea that you would have a TV clear effort to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible and then you on this TV station say, ‘well, maybe it’s not a war crime because it’s not successful — the rocket didn’t hit a kindergarten. It was aimed at a kindergarten but it didn’t hit a kindergarten. So then it’s not reprehensible.’”

Sherman said Israel’s response to the Gaza rockets is “proportionate.”

“I don’t think there are always two sides to every story. Those who are trying to kill as many babies and children and women as possible, who rejoice in their death… no, you have one side in this conflict that is doing everything it possibly can to reduce and avoid civilian casualties and to prosecute those who engage in acts against civilians,” the congressman said.

“And then you have the Hamas side… which of course Qatar supports, which rejoices in how many babies they can kill, how many children they can kill. They name squares and provide subsidies to those who are able to kill civilians and they aim their rockets at civilian targets. That’s not two equal sides.”


Al Jazeera is one of Hillary’s favorite networks. In the video below, she dissed the mainstream media and said Al Jazeera is “real news.” She apparently can’t tell fascist propaganda from factual reports.

Al Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar, a sponsor of terrorism. It is the country where we sent the five Taliban terrorists.

Qatar, an oil-producing nation, bought their American station from Al Gore, the global warming guru, and the deal was brokered by another hypocrite, Sen. Feinstein’s husband.

Companies that advertise on Al Jazeera America are AIG (we bailed them out), Proctor & Gamble Gilette, The Tax Doctor, Expedia, Dollar Shave Club, Hip Hop Abs,, Hair Club for Men, and assorted other traitors.

Go Brad!!!


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