California Demands Religious Groups Give Equal Time to Satanic Ads


Creeping Totalitarianism is destroying the constitutional freedoms of Californians. Free speech is visibly under attack nationwide. California has taken the attack a step further. Officials are forcing people to say what they want them to say.

Religious groups in California are being forced to advertise values that are the opposite of what they believe in. If they don’t do it, they will go out of business. This tactic is no different than anything you would see in a Communist country like China. It’s the Dear Leader mentality.

Pro-life pregnancy centers are being forced to advertise abortion services, something they believe is evil and Satanic.

It is wholly unAmerican for the State to force anyone to preach values they believe are evil. This is a corrupting influence in our society that has a stranglehold on our culture.

It is the use of force you see in Totalitarian governments throughout the world.

California has long pushed abortion-on-demand and they make taxpayers fund it. The extreme abortion lovers recently became concerned about the number of pro-life clinics sprouting up in Cali. As a result, NARAL and Planned Parenthood convinced California to pass AB 775, requiring pregnancy centers to post signs on the walls of their waiting rooms letting clients know all about low-cost abortions and how to get them.

There are no pro-life signs on abortion waiting room walls because the law does not apply to them.

Soon Californians will have to say they believe in abortion if this form of totalitarianism follows to its logical conclusion.

The Supreme Court will hear one such case this week

There’s a case to be heard before the Supreme Court this week on this issue. Catherine Glenn Foster writing for The Hill discusses how California is compelling religiously affiliated organizations to advertise things that are an affront to their faith and the very reason for their business.

If allowed to continue, it will grow worse although this is already communism.

This type of Totalitarianism won’t only affect religious people. It is a direct affront to our First Amendment and if they can destroy the speech of one, they can destroy all. If they destroy one Amendment, they destroy all.

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