California Extremists Move to Ban Fracking



California ranks fourth in oil output. One reason California is doing well is because of fracking, a drilling technique which has been proven safe. Hydraulic fracturing – fracking – is an oil and natural gas extraction technique that involves injecting a high-pressure mixture of water, sand and assorted chemicals into the ground.

The extremely far-left Center for Biological Diversity wants to severely restrict or end fracking because of unproven hypotheses on “possible” threats it could pose.

Governor Brown, a very green governor, gave fracking the blessing but that won’t stop the extremists.

There are now ten bills before the state legislature that will halt fracking production. There are three bills approved by the state Assembly’s Natural Resources Committee which would halt hydraulic fracturing.

One bill by a Richard Bloom would require legislation to lift that ban on fracking once the bill is passed. Another bill by Holly Mitchell would require a commission. Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian’s bill only affects areas surrounding groundwater supplies.

There are other bills that would require permits and notifications. There aren’t specific rules regarding fracking in California but the officials at the California Department of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources are currently writing rules.

The California fracking record is spotless but that is meaningless to the extreme greenies.

It will all work out. California can always eliminate fracking and import fuel from the polluting Communists in China or from the terrorist nations and sympathizers in the mid-East..

Matt Damon made a movie about the faux dangers of fracking. The movie bombed fortunately but that doesn’t stop the green extremists from using it as proof that fracking will destroy us all.

The Center for Biological Diversity has been behind almost every wacky movement to limit our energy development. Their members include people who used to participate in ELF, a domestic terrorist group. The Center doesn’t like Keystone XL or anyone owning property near a Mississippi gopher frog and they definitely want more than half the planet preserved for animals and bugs who they say are as important as you are.

More information at Reuters

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