California Forced to Release 10,000 Felons Because of Overcrowding


Cali prison inmates

Photo of California prison inmates. Wouldn’t want them to live in crowded conditions after committing felonies. Far better to release them onto the streets says a panel of three judges.

California doesn’t want legal gun owners to have guns but they are going to put another ten thousand violent felons back on the street thanks to an order by three lower court judges. I guess potential victims can call 911 and fend off the criminals for about twenty minutes with pencils and scissors until help arrives. That’s what they’re entitled to – to call 911.

California will be forced to release 10,000 California prison inmates whose sentences are not up because the prisons are overcrowded. California has provided early release for 46,000 prisoners since 2006 for the same reason.

California is without adequate funds and relies in part on a monthly loan from the federal government because of mismanagement, burdensome unions, and large entitlement programs.

A panel of three judges ordered the state to reduce their population by 8%, an arbitrary number, so prisoners would not be overcrowded and subjected to ‘cruel and inhuman punishment.’

One has to wonder if the judges considered the cruel and inhuman punishment being inflicted on law enforcement and residents of the state.

Lawyers representing Brown had argued to the high court that releasing 10,000 more inmates would mean letting violent criminals out on the streets and overwhelm the abilities of law enforcement and social services to monitor them.

“No data suggests that a sudden release of inmates with these characteristics can be done safely,” the state said in its filing. “No state has ever done it.”

Governor Brown warned them not to do it. His lawyers stated that “No data suggests that a sudden release of inmates with these characteristics can be done safely. No state has ever done it.”

The judges rejected the argument.

What could possibly go wrong with releasing 10,000 criminals all at once onto the streets, many of whom are violent felons?

SCOTUS refused an emergency request by Brown to halt the lower court’s directive for the early release of prisoners from 33 adult prisons. California has taken steps to correct the overcrowding and has a program underway but the judges want the releases now.

The Department of Corrections is pressing on with their appeal in an effort to stop the release.

Conservative Justices Scalia, Alito and Thomas supported Brown’s plea.

The judges waived all state laws in June when they ordered Brown to release prisoners early. They also ordered him to send them to firefighting camps among other things. I imagine arsonists will be the first to apply.

Anyone who is hurt or worse by any of these felons needs to sue California and hold them responsible. It would be best if they could sue the judges but unfortunately, they’re teflon.

Source: HuffPo


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