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Governor Jerry Brown (photo by Neon Tommy)

by Arthur Christopher Schaper

Reporting on a recent meeting between Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and California Governor Jerry Brown, the LA Times announced: Jerry Brown: Immigrants, legal or not, ‘welcome in California’

One has to wonder who would immigrate to a state where 15% of the state senate has been indicted or convicted of serious felonies. Then again, such levels of corruption compared with the rampant criminality of the Mexican government may induce more foreign nationals to enter this country.

The cronyism which defines Mexico’s police, industry, and governance would drive anyone to flee.

Do illegals want to make it in a state where welfare rolls have expanded while jobs have receded, where businesses are bent on leaving not staying let alone thriving?

Despite the claims from the left and the media about California’s comeback, Brown’s balanced budget was all smoke and mirrors. Unsustainable pension debt compounded by drought has created more poverty than prosperity.

And where does Gov. Brown get the bankrupt notion of rolling out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants as though his authority in one state grants him the power to override federal law as well as national sovereignty and territorial security?

Brown’s unwelcome welcome mat dispenses with the rule of law as well as respect for all legal residents.

His big abrazo to illegal Mexican immigrants conflicts with his 2010 campaign rhetoric against Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman:

I do support a pathway to legalization as part of a federal comprehensive reform bill. . .Secure the borders. Get a real, verifiable electronic identification system, make people compensate for any violations of the law. But at the end of the day, we have a couple million people in the shadows, and there has to be some process . . ..we’ve got to find a way.

Ironically, Brown touted the importance of identifying then deporting illegals who commit crimes. (Hint: That would be all of them, Jerry!)

Still, Brown supported securing the border in 2010. Come 2014, Brown wanted to break down all barriers and welcome all, illegal or not. So much for a secure border.

Brown 1970s

Jerry Brown in the 1970s (photo by Alan Light)

Even stranger, in the 1970s Gov. Brown was all about secure borders. He rebuffed illegal immigration without hesitation such as when he refused to allow political refugees from Vietnam to come to California. Brown even indicated to state officials that the Federal Government wanted to “dump them” and their presence posed a political problem on account of California’s high unemployment. Sound familiar?

From Refugee Workers in the Indochina Exodus, 1975-1982 by Larry Clinton Thompson, Brown is on record saying:

We can’t be looking 5,000 miles away and at the same time neglecting people who live here.

Gov. Moonbeam lighted up a ‘Go Away” sign on the Vietnamese, but welcomed illegal Mexican immigration. Why reject Vietnamese refugees? Because they tend to vote GOP or does Brown have a problem with Asians but loves Latinos, i.e. selective racism?

The amnesty talk from Dems and GOP in D.C. and Sacramento has made immigration a bigger problem already, but Brown’s insouciant “Bienvenidos!” makes it worse.

Residents in Murrieta already rebuffed the Obama Administration’s sordid attempts to dump illegal immigrants in their city. Apparently, they do not share Brown’s welcoming attitude toward illegal immigration. Neither do one in six Americans, who consider illegal immigration the biggest problem this country faces.

What are Californian’s attitudes about this pressing problem, anyway?

Regarding the California DREAM Act, a majority (55%) of voters rejected the measure in 2011. Aside from the growing costs of granting illegals access to drivers licenses, a majority of California voters oppose the law and believe that the policy will diminish road safety.

Fifty-nine percent of Americans want illegal immigrant minors returned to their home countries as soon as possible and eighty percent signal proper border control a high priority.


Brown turning California into Mexifornia? (Doug Ross @ Journal)

In spite of the national and California views on the issue, Brown is turning California into a sanctuary state, a Welcome Mat which makes a doormat out of the United States Constitution and legal citizenship. His brazen hypocrisy on this issue, from his prior gubernatorial run and previous campaign should not and cannot go unpunished.

Perhaps Brown should give up his mansion and let illegal immigrants stay on his property and live off his money. He would be morally obligated to do so!


Arthur Christopher Schaper is a writer, blogger, and political commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance.
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