California Is Becoming An ‘Unlivable’ Hellhole & the Plague Is Coming


California is going down. The problem of homelessness is out of control and the politicians who are responsible are doubling down on the policies that created the problems.


Far-left Governor Gavin Newsom wants to spend a billion dollars on a task force of like-minded progressives to find answers to the problems of homelessness. Nothing will be accomplished.

In L.A., renters need to make $47.52 an hour to meet the median monthly rent of $2,471. That led to a 50% increase in homelessness this past year.

Newsom is trying to make this into a national disgrace, but it’s California’s disgrace and the disgrace of progressivism. They have no answers because they are ideologically chained to the ones that got them there in the first place.

When you look at the worst homelessness, you can see it’s where progressives rule.


Celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky warned of a deadly epidemic that could strike Los Angeles this summer, and he believes local politicians will be to blame. He told Brian Kilmeade on his radio show that the living conditions will lead to an infectious disease epidemic, bizpacreview reported.

“I live in the great state of California, the utopia that is California, which is a nightmare,” Pinsky said, discussing the horrific conditions in Los Angeles as the growth of the homeless population and untended trash threaten the nation’s second-largest city.

“I want to give you a prediction here. There will be a major infectious disease epidemic this summer in Los Angeles,” he said.

“We have tens and tens of thousands of people living in tents. Horrible conditions. Sanitation. Rats have taken over the city,” he told Kilmeade. “We’re the only city in the country, Los Angeles, without a rodent control program. We have multiple rodent-borne, flea-borne illnesses, plague, typhus. We’re gonna have louse-borne illness. If measles breaks into that population, we have tuberculosis exploding.”

“Literally, our politicians are like Nero. It’s worse than Nero,” the “Loveline” and “Celebrity Rehab” doctor added, referring to the Roman Emperor who was believed to have played the fiddle during the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD.

He is so right. The politicians are fiddling while the place burns.



There won’t be any help until the people stop voting in Democrats. Among the idiotic solutions, politicians asked homeowners to open their backyards to the homeless. They also want taxpayers to pay for the care of pets belonging to the homeless.

Yep, that will do it — not! You just can’t fix stupid.

Victor Davis Hanson warned of the coming apocalypse and chronicled California’s putrefaction into a welfare state.

What happened in California is spreading throughout the nation. Liberals will say it’s because the GOP was booted out due to their unwelcoming nature, but the GOP can’t welcome a welfare state and still remain the GOP. A welfare state is inconsistent with the values of our nation and what once made us great, but Barack Obama and his Socialist ilk are telling us what our values now.

The New York Times ran an article last week in the op-ed section. The author called out the ‘unlivable’ conditions is cities throughout our nation. However, he thinks it’s because progressives face difficult problems.



Scholar Victor Davis Hanson is a lifelong resident of California who told Tucker Carlson in May of last year that the economic distribution of California makes it a medieval state. Tucker asked for an explanation.

Hanson said: “It means 75 percent of the geographical area is inhabited by people 25 percent of lower income people, by and large.”

“We have a coastal corridor from San Diego to Berkeley, where we have Cal-tech and Stanford, and we have about three trillion in capitalized Silicon companies. And this is where all of the policy is made. And the people who make it, lawyers and academics and politicians are never subject of the ramifications of their ideologies, because they have such wealth.”

“So California is a medieval society in the sense that we have the highest basket of gasoline sales and income tax, but rank 45th in school test scores, 49th, according to Forbes, in infrastructure. And the highest kilowatt hours in the nation. Our cost of gasoline…is the highest. But it doesn’t affect the people on the coast making these regulations.”

“Where I work at Stanford, it’s 70 degrees or 65 degrees; I don’t have to turn on the air conditioning. But in the San Joachim Valley, the poor people have to go to into Walmart because they can’t turn on the air conditioning.”

“People in these medieval societies on the coast, they don’t believe in water transfers for the agriculture for poor people. But they surely do for the artificial architectural landscapes in the Bay Area or the California Water Project. So that attitude sort of reverberates in California and it is a dysfunctional state.”

“There’s the middle class, about 4 or 5 million people have left.  We had about 4 to 5 million people come illegally from southern Mexico, and we had an enormous concentration of global wealth in a very small geographical area. And you put all that together, and you get what you have now.”



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