California Leftists Are Turning the State Over to Foreigners


California has become a foreign country with the blessings of far-left politicians. A good indicator can be seen in the numbers of illegal aliens currently holding driver’s licenses in the state. The licenses also enable voter fraud.

Since January 2015, California “residents” have not been required to prove they are American citizens to obtain a driver’s license. They only have to show ID and residency in the state. Currently, under Assembly Bill 60, one million illegal aliens are on track to receive licenses and ten other states are doing the same thing.

Take that information and combine it with the fact that New Motor Voter laws automatically register holders of driver’s licenses to vote. It enables voter fraud.

Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote has been exploring the issue state by state. She has found that in many of the larger states, California being one, there is no distinction between the databases of automatically registered citizens and non-citizens. There is nothing to prevent the illegal aliens from voting. There is no way to tell a citizen from a non-citizen.

“In other words, the flood gates are open,” Engelbrecht says.

While it’s not legal for an illegal alien to vote, they can do so easily, and indeed our former president encouraged them to do so.

When America is no more, thank a leftist.

h/t young cons

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