California Owes $1 Trillion But Wants to Provide Free Healthcare to Illegals


State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Long Beach) introduced a bill Friday to give free or subsidized healthcare to illegal aliens in California.  The Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare bars illegal aliens from receiving subsidized healthcare.

Lara added that he has no idea how they would pay for it.

The bill is an open and blatant invitation for people to come here illegally.


Ricardo Lara, helping to ruin the country, one bill at a time.

“We’ve made enormous strides to reduce California’s uninsured population with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act,” Lara told a news conference outside Clinica Oscar Romero in Boyle Heights. “But only when we include everyone can we truly have a healthy California. The cost of inaction is higher than any dollars spent on this proposal.”

Lara thinks he has the right to mandate our tax dollars go to funding health insurance for people here illegally, many of whom are from countries that have universal healthcare.

At least 1 million illegal aliens are uninsured in California, probably more. More than half of California’s Latinos are uninsured according to the NY Times.

The leftists promised they wouldn’t ask for free healthcare for illegals when they were trying to get the ObamaCare bill passed but we knew that wasn’t true.

As of now, the deeply-in-doubt California receives at least $40 million in federal loans each month, loans they have no way of paying back.

A recent study revealed that local and state government in California owe a debt of about $1 trillion. The Socialist State of California is buried in unsustainable debt. The state governments aren’t allowed to run deficits so they borrow billions every year to continue operating. Bond issues keep passing because voters see it as free money. The California state budget is about $100 billion each year and there is about $100 billion of unfunded liability in local and state public employee pensions, according to Joseph Morabito of the National Freedom Forum.

Lara’s bill, SB 1005, titled the Health For All Act, commits the state to subsidizing Medi-Cal coverage for poor undocumented immigrants.

The bill would also set up a health insurance marketplace through which immigrants who earn too much to qualify for Medi-Cal could buy private insurance with the help of a state subsidy. The exchange would be run by Covered California, the exchange set up under the Affordable Care Act through which citizens and legal residents can buy federally subsidized insurance.

Our federal tax dollars go into Covered California.

It’s like a game of Dominos. If one state falls, it’s only a matter of time before all the liberal states follow suit. The way our federal government is going, we will see an executive order ordering all states to do the same.

Officials in Oregon have confessed that nearly 4,000 illegal immigrants had been “accidentally” steered from the state’s low-income Medicaid program and instead were enrolled in ObamaCare in violation of the law, according to Michelle Malkin at OneNewsNow. It’s inevitable and we always knew it was.

Of course, Lara’s bill could fail but it has 16 co-sponsors and Moonbeam won’t say if he will support it.

Lara is also a big supporter of bilingual education and open borders but you knew that.

More at Southern California Public Radio


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