California Passes Single Payer, Needs a Couple Hundred Billion Dollars from Trump


Single payer healthcare has passed the legislature in socialist California. It passed the Senate. The goal of the bill, SB 562, is to establish a state-run healthcare system that covers all 40 million Californians, including roughly 2 million who migrated here illegally, the LA Times reported.

People here illegally will get healthcare at taxpayer expense? That makes sense to these people?

It would replace all private and government insurance, including senior citizens’ Medicare, even though Medicare is working and is very well-liked.

They call their concept, and that’s all it is for now, Medicare For All, except it’s not Medicare at all and abandons Medicare.

The legislative authors, left-wing loons Sens. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), promised to keep trying to mold a real bill. The cost will be somewhere in the stratosphere but what does cost matter to a Democrat?

To pay for it, they’d collect all the money now spent on healthcare, add a state tax increase of up to $100 billion, put through a 15% payroll tax, and the socialist nurses association suggested adding business and sales tax hikes.

The bill apparently has no substance, it’s just more of a dream bill.

The bill passed on largely a party-line vote, 23 to 14, with most Democrats for it and all Republicans against. Because it didn’t include any funding, only a simple majority vote was required.

California’s anti-Trump Democratic legislators would need the Republican president to generously turn over federal Medicaid and Medicare funds to make their single-payer dream come alive, wrote LA Times.

“We give Trump crap day in and day out, and we’re going to beg him for a couple hundred billion dollars?” Sen. Tom Berryhill (R-Modesto) asked.

Oh, yeah, that’ll work, especially when he hears it’s to give federal tax dollars to people sneaking in to the country illegally.

This bill heads for the Assembly but it will go nowhere – for now – even in Socialist California.




  1. Yeah you can f[edit]k off if you think I am going to switch to some bullshit plan which will be so much shittier and fail nearly immediately. Nor will I pay any tax to California (a resident mind you) and they can go shit in one hand and collect money for this abomination in the other and see which one fills up first.

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