California Statists’ Plan to Push This Key State Hard-Left


California Progressives Are Pushing Legislators Hard-Left Using Single-Payer as a Rallying Cry

The LA Times writer Melanie Mason writes that the “activist groundswell” will seep “lawmakers leftward” [as if they weren’t already].

Not content to rely on the state to be a liberal bastion of resistance against President Trump and Republican-controlled Washington, D.C., [single-payer activists and their] ilk are turning to Sacramento to pressure the ruling Democrats from the left.”

Sacramento was moderate, the article says, but now people are finding progressivism cool. According to the article, they’ve had an influx of new activists and because of the 2016 election, they’ve turned to state issues, especially that of single-payer. The activists are using single-payer to push the state into totalitarianism.

A California legislator has submitted a bill for single-payer.

Imagine people believing that have the right to demand everyone pay for every other person’s healthcare? Imagine people living in such a bubble that they think it anywhere near economically feasible?

Advocacy groups are poring through legislator’s voting records and are offering a progressive seal of approval. The galvanizing rallying cry is SINGLE-PAYER healthcare.

Left-wing activism has swung the state from right to left, we say hard-left. They see anyone to the right of center as the extreme because that’s what they are. Their cause has been helped by the influx of foreigners from leftist nations.

The state has 11 million more people than Texas, the second largest. They are already very far left and are moving further into anarchy and statism. They have 55 electoral votes and almost determined this last election. They significantly affect the popular vote.

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