California restaurants to scam diners with a new climate change fee


California restaurants might cooperate in a new scam to get your money. They might add a surcharge for climate change initiatives of some leftist program. It is a hoax.

It’s just a small charge, they say. That is always how they start.

Restaurant goers can choose to pay the 1% charge to support the Restore California Renewable Restaurant program. The fee will go into California’s Healthy Soil Carbon Fund. It will also help pay farmers $10 per ton of carbon removed from the atmosphere to help them transition to renewable farming practices.

Give me a break.

The fee will appear on the restaurant bill and customers can ask to take it off.

Anthony Myint, the founder of the nonprofit Perennial Farming Initiative, the group launching the program, told KTVU-TV that climate change is a “massive” issue.

Beware these farming initiatives. One of the communist/MoveOn meetings I went to undercover included a couple that ran one and they were getting very rich off it.

Get lost thieves!

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