California Schools won’t allow suspensions no matter what the kiddies do

LA riots, 20 years ago

Restorative justice has taken hold in crazy California schools. The officials now reject strict discipline in favor of social justice. How they think that will work is not for those of us based in the real world to understand.

Instead of punishment, the loons concentrate more on righting wrongs and building healthy relationships within the school.

The concern is that minorities are disciplined more than non-minorities. Therefore, the solution is to not punish them.

They think implicit bias is causing the problem. It couldn’t be their rotten home lives, could it? Nah!

Unsurprisingly, they’ve seen a drastic reduction in suspensions. Duh! If they don’t punish misbehaving kids with suspensions, how would they end up suspended?

Parkland school district where Nicolas Cruz murdered teachers and students didn’t discipline the criminal minority children like Cruz. They followed principles of restorative justice under the Promise program. It allowed the officials to ignore all discipline of Cruz.

Social justice means officials can ignore criminal kids and don’t have to report their crimes.

When people, especially the young, don’t suffer consequences, they can easily become sociopaths.

The hard left won’t stop until they destroy the country, one school district at a time, one city and state at a time. Where are the liberals? Why are they going along with this?



  1. The shooting in Broward County was a similar case where the student was not disciplined as part of the Great Leap Forward Fundamental Transformation.

  2. Why is the California legislature so determined to ruin California? This law, like others, is straight up psychopathic. It is dysfunctional government gone mad on steroids. Nobody with an IQ above 80 believes that the law will improve the California education system. It is pure evil.

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