California to Sue Feds for Asking People on the Census If They’re Citizens

President Trump’s Commerce Department said Monday evening that the citizenship question will be included on the 2020 Census. It has prompted the open borders attorney general, Xavier Becerra to announce a lawsuit. He is doing this to maintain the added legislative seats and the increased funding he gets because of people here illegally. Becerra is afraid the illegals won’t answer the question. That is a “burden” for his lawless state.

According to Becerra, it is “illegal” for the federal government to ask, to know if people in this country are here illegally. Think about that.

It is important to note that the census will change the redistricting map.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced his decision to reinstate the citizenship question in a post on the Commerce website. The question was removed from the census in 1950 but Ross argues  that collecting citizenship data has been “a long-standing historical practice.”

Indeed it has been. Democrats strongly object since they receive funds and are awarded seats based on their illegal immigrants.

It is not a burden to answer the question but the Democrats say it is. They are using the unfounded and largely disproven claim that illegal aliens will not come forward when they witness crimes. In fact, there would be fewer crimes if we deported the criminal illegals.

Ross addressed the “burden” issue in his statement. He said the need for accurate data and the limited burden of adding it to the census “outweigh fears about potentially lower response rate.”

“The citizenship data provided to DOJ will be more accurate with the question than without it, which is of greater importance than any adverse effect that may result from people violating their legal duty to respond,” Ross wrote.

We do need to know how many people are here illegally and we need to apportion legislators according to the numbers of citizens and legal residents. States cannot have representatives based on foreigners who have no business being in this country. They are stealing the vote of citizens.

California Will Sue to Maintain Their Open Borders

California’s lawless attorney general, the chief law enforcer in the state, Xavier Becerra, immediately announced he would file suit against the “illegal” policy change. It is infuriating because we will now have his leftist judges, who legislate from the bench, issuing siding with him.

Foreigners will decide our country’s future under the Democrats who apportion extra legislative seats based on an illegal alien population. Indirectly, it gives them a vote.

Becerra should be arrested. It is illegal to run sanctuary cities filled with criminals. It is illegal to promote open borders with drug cartels pouring through and taking over our country as they have in Mexico, Central and South America. Because the state allows it, these criminals, the people here illegally draw money to the state and the state gets increased numbers of lawmakers.

Becerra is concerned the illegals will not answer the question. He writes: Vital services such as these would be jeopardized and our voice in government diminished if the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 count resulted in an undercount.

The only personw who stands between the United States and complete lawlessness is Donald Trump.

He wants his state to be paid for being a sanctuary and an open borders state. He wants us all to be governed by foreigners. Their own candidate for senator, Kevin De Leon, said half his family is here illegally.