California, Where You Can’t Shower And Do Laundry on the Same Day


California is on a suicide mission under Governor Jerry Brown and it’s  not likely the next governor will be any better as the state moves further left. New water rules will make it impossible to maintain a healthy quality of life. You won’t be able to take a shower and do your laundry on the same day — literally.

The new water rules come in the form of two bills pushed by Moonbeam Jerry. Under these bills, the government will monitor every usage of water in every household and in businesses. Lucky for the rich, the pools and spas will be excluded. Every shower, each flush of the toilet, and each load of laundry will be done under the watchful eye of Big Brother.

The mandatory water conservation standards will be permanent and will be in place at all times. From now on, if you take a shower and do a load of laundry on the same day, you will exceed your “ration”.

Senate Bill 606 establishes an all-powerful Big Brother “governing body” to oversee all water suppliers, whether they are public or private and the paperwork will be a killer.

Assembly Bill 1668 establishes limits on indoor water usage for every person in California and the amount allowed will decrease even further over the next 12 years.

Of course, there is punishment for violators in the form of a civil penalty. Those fines are not pretty. They’re a doozy.

1) If the violation occurs in a critically dry year immediately preceded by two or more consecutive below normal, dry, or critically dry years or during a period for which the Governor has issued a proclamation of a state of emergency under the California Emergency Services Act (Chapter 7 (commencing with Section 8550) of Division 1 of Title 2 of the Government Code) based on drought conditions, ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for each day in which the violation occurs.

(2) For all violations other than those described in paragraph (1), one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each day in which the violation occurs.

Utility companies — Big Brother’s minions — must spy on Californians and report all indoor usage violators or face massive fines. Big Brother “shall use satellite imagery, site visits, or other best available technology to develop an accurate estimate of landscaped areas.”

They’re preparing for climate change!


The Pasadena Star-News reported, “As 20 million gallons of drinking water rushed down Sunset Boulevard and flooded the UCLA campus this summer, drought-conscious residents threw up their hands. How are three-minute showers going to make a difference, they asked, when the city’s pipes are bursting? Turns out the UCLA flood was just a drop in the sea of potable water that leaks or blows out of underground pipes. California’s water distribution systems lose up to 228 billion gallons a year. That is according to the state Department of Water Resources estimates. It’s more than enough to supply the entire city of Los Angeles for a year.”

Liberal/leftist policies simply don’t work. The infrastructure is ignored while money is wasted on freebies for illegal foreigners and useless regulations.

The wasted water isn’t relegated to local areas in Southern California. The San Jose Mercury News reported about the Bay Area at the time, “Aging and broken pipes, usually underground and out of sight, have leaked enough water annually to submerge the whole of Manhattan by 5 feet — enough to meet the needs of 71,000 families for an entire year.”

Once California ceded their rights to environmental extremists and implemented their own version of the Paris Accord, the state was lost.

California Gov. Jerry Brown announced a crackdown on water usage by residents and businesses in 2015. Ostensibly, it was to deal with water usage during the drought. He didn’t include the agriculture industry which accounts for 80% of the human water usage, however. What he was doing meant little. A mere 25% less water usage by 20% of the users is only enough to make people feel uncomfortable and accept the false doctrine espoused by climate exaggerators. The poor suffered most.


Moonbeam Jerry Brown made a stunning announcement to Martha Radditz on This Week in April, 2015. He said he was going to fine people $500 a day if they shower too long.

Brown said, “This executive order is done under emergency power. It has the force of law. Very unusual. It’s requiring action and changes in behavior from the Oregon border all the way to the Mexican border. It affects lawns. It affects people’s — how long they stay in the shower. How businesses use water.”

“The enforcement mechanism is powerful. In a drought of this magnitude, you have to change that behavior and you have to change it substantially.”

We posted this last week as you can see on this link below. We thought it worth a renewed look.

California Prepares to Pass Communist Laws on Water Rationing

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