California Will Free 10,000 Sexual Predators


California will soon send 10,000 sexual predators pouring onto the streets and into neighborhoods where children play, and the vulnerable make easy targets.

California is a state of rich and poor, great wealth despite being the poorest state in the union. They spend obscene sums of money on welfare for foreigners but leave their roads in disrepair. There is a housing shortage and the taxes are very high.

Businesses are fleeing while environmental regulations grow ever more oppressive. They also have tons of criminals released from prison early because prisons are overcrowded. They won’t build new jails, instead, they let them loose on the streets.

The residents are obedient and say nothing unless the gas tax is raised or a Republican needs to be silenced. They now face the likelihood of 10,000 sex offenders pouring into their neighborhoods all at once. It’s unlikely they will say anything about that either.

Decades of Democrat rule destroys.

Governor ‘Moonbeam’ Brown always goes right to releasing criminals. He has done it before.

The Daily Caller reports that Cali will release 10,000 perverts because Proposition 57 orders California prisons to consider early parole for non-violent offenders.

It’s amazing what they think is non-violent.


Brown promised voters non-violent sex offenders would not reap the benefits, but a Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner knocked that down.

Pimping minors, incest, and child pornography is non-violent according to this judge. Their rights trump the victims.

“If the voters had intended to exclude all registered sex offenders from early parole consideration under Proposition 57, they presumably would have said so,” Sumner told reporters.

However, California is on top of the real crimes. They plan to put people using improper LGBT pronouns in nursing homes in prison. Waiters offering straws in restaurants without being asked are in danger of fines and prison.

Democrat Cali has their priorities straight.

No wonder so many people are fleeing the state.



  1. This is unthinkable!?! Ask the people abused and murdered as children what kind of benevolence and empathy and respect and understanding and integrity were these victims, mostly children, shown?!? What is to gain from their release? The money it would take to rehab a one is beyond taxpayer’s limits. Psychiatry, rather than cure a one, choose to “normalize” it rather than admit their failure — a failure costing governments of the worlds multi billions! Set them free in the center of the desert, perhaps. To live in any actual community? I’ll shoot ’em first because I care about decent people and our most vulnerable.

  2. Put up a border wall along the California border except on the South where it joins Baja. Then watch their foreign population skyrocket even more than it is now. That will ensure Democrat rule in perpetuity!

  3. This must be like living in a looney bin. This state is governed by an idiot who never held a real job. He was nothing but a Mayor or a Governor. He is absolutely useless.

    • OMG..This Mayor is a Fucking idiot. Lets do this. Have all of these predators live on his street with his family and play with his children. If I was a citizen I would place him under Citizen ARREST and thrown him in jail with these Predators.

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