California’s Attorney General Turned Her Office Into a Government Enforcer



California Attorney General Kamala Harris has turned her office into a government-sponsored enforcer investigating, repressing, threatening, muzzling political enemies and their free speech.

She recently demanded the confidential donor list of the conservative Americans for Prosperity Foundation which California does not require be released. She tried to make it mandatory but has been shot down by Federal District Court Judge Manuel Real.

The results of course would be to harass, pressure, and retaliate against the donors as we saw so vividly during the 2012 election campaign when Obama websites such as Attack Watch put up the names of donors to groups supporting marriage between a man and a woman. A number of the donors were almost destroyed by false accusations of racism, bigotry and hate.

Harris obviously wants to stifle any speech that conflicts with her leftist views.

Contributors to Proposition 8 lost jobs and were pilloried after their confidential list of names were released.

Since 2013, Harris has turned her office into an all-powerful regime that criminalizes dissent.

Harris lies and says she won’t make the list public but she has and will.

Real found, “All told, AFP identified 1,778 confidential Schedule Bs that the Attorney General had publicly posted on the Registry’s website, including 38 which were discovered the day before this trial.

“The pervasive, recurring pattern of uncontained Schedule B disclosures — a pattern that has persisted even during this trial — is irreconcilable with the Attorney General’s assurances and contentions as to the confidentiality of Schedule Bs collected by the Registry.”

This has already been decided at the Supreme Court level and Harris knows that.

Harris is one of the now-20 Democrat Attorneys General who are leading the fight to silence all opposition to the extreme agenda of the climate change cultists. She is investigating Exxon so she can control them.

This cult has destroyed coal – all major coal companies are in Chapter 11 – and they are now after oil and natural gas even though natural gas is responsible for almost all of the 20% reduction in CO2 in the atmosphere over the last seven years.

When law enforcement and the legal profession are politicized, we are heading down a very dangerous road.

Global Warming Deniers Beware