California’s Gun Confiscation Program Is Not Going All That Well


Governor Gavin Newsom of California is finding out what former governor Jerry Brown already discovered, it’s not so practical or easy to confiscate guns.

Authorities in California are struggling to enforce a state law that permits officials to seize firearms from people with previous criminal convictions or mental health issues – running into staffing and budgetary issues.

They have a massive backlog of guns marked for confiscation.

The law, which was passed in 2013 following the shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook elementary school and set aside $24 million for seizure programs, had a goal of confiscating around 20,000 guns over three years.

But six years later, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report, there are still roughly 9,000 of those guns out there, with more being added to the list yearly.

People taking these jobs don’t stay in them. Why would they?

The state is functioning under some questionable red flag laws and we wonder how many of these confiscations are legitimate.

Totalitarian Democrats should try to work on other solutions besides confiscating guns. If they had their way, no one would have guns. Most of the crimes committed with guns are obtained illegally or the government system fell down on the job. All this bureaucracy has its failings.


  1. Actually, not too far fetched. About 40 years ago a friend in Costa Mesa who ran an antique weapons store had his entire personal weapons collection seized on suspicion of a minor offense he was later cleared of because the real perp was caught and convicted. But his weapons collection, which included high-end 1st and 2nd generation Colt single actions, Civil War muzzle loaders in near-new condition, an original Walker Colt, and a belt Patterson, were never returned by the Sheriff’s Department. I later moved out of CA and back to Texas because California now sucks.

  2. Police: Knock, know.

    Civilian: Who’s there?

    P: California State Police. We are here to enforce the Jerry Brown collect your guns.

    C: Collect my guns? What for?

    P: You were convicted of a crime, and criminals cannot have guns.

    C: I plead guilty to having less than a gram of pot in 1992. It’s not even illegal here anymore.

    P: Sorry, that’s the law. We don’t make them. We just enforce them. Give us your guns.

    C: There must be some mistake. I am a law-abiding citizen with legally registered firearms for my home protection:

    P: OK, now you are under arrest.

    C: What for?

    P: You are under arrest for resisting the order and now for resisting arrest since you asked “What for”?

    C: Can I call my lawyer?

    P: OK, you have just triggered the presumed guilty section of the “gun retrieval law” by asking for a lawyer. I have to hook you up and confiscate that car parked in your driveway.

    C: What?!!!! What does my wife’s car have to do with anything?


    P: Sorry. We had to taz you because you triggered the interference clause of the “gun retrieval law”. Don’t make it any harder on yourself.

    C: Gggggggggg uh uh gggggggg

    P: OK, have it your way. Since you are resisting we are going to have to search your house for anything else that may be deemed illegal like an NRA membership form or a MAGA hat. By the way we will be taking all your knives and any rope we find. And if we find any cash it will be confiscated as evidence.

    P: But what will my wife cook with?


    C: Gggggggggg uh uh gggggggg

    P: We’re arresting her too. She attends church regularly which constitutes evidence of a mental illness in California.

    P: OK, hook them up boys. Throw them in the car, and let’s go search the house. Put police tape around the house and keep everyone out including the guy’s kids. We don’t want anyone messing up the crime scene.

  3. I know I wouldn’t want the job of confiscating someone’s firearms. those california politicians should get out there and do their own dirty work for a change instead of expecting someone else to do it. we would see an entirely new outlook from them, providing they survived of course.

  4. “If they had their way, no one would have guns. ” You know that’s not true.

    It’s all about the slaves. People with guns make poor slaves. Hence, incremental, “common sense” gun control.

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