California’s Progressive Elites Want Border Walls Too!


Los Angeles suburban homeowners have worried about homeless encampments becoming permanent and spreading into their neighborhoods. They have protested homeless shelters in their neighborhoods. Some even want walls to keep the poor out of their neighborhoods.


Farhad Manjoo wrote a New York Times column at the end of May about the walls California’s elites are proposing or building to keep the homeless out. He wrote:

Reading opposition to SB 50 and other efforts at increasing density, I’m struck by an unsettling thought: What Republicans want to do with I.C.E. and border walls, wealthy progressive Democrats are doing with zoning and Nimbyism. Preserving “local character,” maintaining “local control,” keeping housing scarce and inaccessible — the goals of both sides are really the same: to keep people out.

“We’re saying we welcome immigration, we welcome refugees, we welcome outsiders — but you’ve got to have a $2 million entrance fee to live here, otherwise you can use this part of a sidewalk for a tent,” said Brian Hanlon, president of the pro-density group California Yimby. “That to me is not being very welcoming. It’s not being very neighborly.”

The very same people, the elites, who call for homeless on the street to do as they will, also don’t want them in their neighborhoods. They are okay with building walls to keep poor American citizens out.


Bloomberg writes about the campers chased away and walls people want built:

Loving, the head of Destination: Home, thinks the North Bayshore plan should include a lot more affordable housing. But she and others say it’s not just about money. There needs to be political will—people have to want to help their neighbors in need.

Some Silicon Valley residents don’t want new apartment buildings changing their suburban towns, and they get angry at the thought of affordable housing bringing poorer people to their neighborhoods. Two years ago, about 500 local residents showed up at a meeting to discuss small, temporary housing in San Jose. Many screamed and shouted at Loving and her colleagues. At one point, the crowd chanted “build a wall” to keep homeless people away.

They want a wall to keep out the undesirables they say should be allowed to poop and shoot up in other peoples’ neighborhoods.

Some, perhaps many, Silicon Valley residents don’t want new apartment buildings changing their suburban towns. They definitely don’t want affordable housing bringing poorer people to their neighborhoods.

Conservatives want walls too, but not to keep citizens out, to keep anonymous foreigners from coming in illegally.

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4 years ago

“We welcome immigrants/illegals” but not in our backyard. Sounds like CA;)

How Progressive
How Progressive
4 years ago

A local radio guy starts his show every morning with the line walls have worked again overnight because the studio and all of the equipment is still here.
Every liberal is a NIMBY poseur who wants to be immune from their hare brained statist utopian crackpipe fairytales.
Only deplorables are to live under the failed Marxist crap policies from the 19th century.