Cali’s Lawless AG Says He Will Arrest OC Sheriff for Following the Law

The Orange County, California sheriff will defy the Attorney General of the state Xavier Becerra. He is threatening to arrest the sheriff for following the law, claiming she isn’t. 

As per SB 54, she will publish the names and release dates of all dangerous prisoners for the sake of public safety. While ICE will be able to access it, it’s being done to let the public know of the release of dangerous felons. It also helps ICE and will only affect serious, violent criminals.

If Becerra tries to arrest the sheriff, she will fight it. She doesn’t believe he will arrest her because he simply doesn’t like what she is doing and has no law to back it up.


  1. Sure, Becerra, as soon as you try to put the cuffs on that nice lady, I will make a citizens’ arrest of you for violation of federal statutes and slam you to the ground/floor, breaking your nose. You are on borrowed time. If I were you I would watch my mouth and my step. California CITIZENS are just plain tired of your BULLSHIT. You appear to be of the same caliber in your understanding of the law as the incompetent corrupt predecessor who stated that illegals were not criminals. Go Back to law school, both of you.

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