Cali’s Socialist Governor Newsom Announced More Freebies


Far-far-left Governor of California Gavin Newsom has come out with some very controversial and expensive Socialist policies since crowned. He plans to give subsidized health care to everyone, including illegal aliens, he will pass more oppressive gun laws, and he declared California a “sanctuary for all” who wish to come to the state. The mad leftist has only just begun. He announced that he will give the longest paid parental leave in the country.

The Socialist will give six months of partially paid leave so parents or other family members can care for a newborn or newly adopted baby.

Right now, some California parents have access to a combined four months of leave at partial pay. Those who get less include adoptive parents, same-sex couples and single parents.

His 2019 budget would allow two caretakers to split six months off, according to a fact sheet provided by his office. One parent could take three months, and the other parent or partner or another family member could take three more months or vice versa.

They will be multiplying like rabbits in California.

Who gets to pay for this? California’s long-term debt is scary. Newsom said existing funds would pay for it.

Eventually, it will be unsustainable. When it becomes unaffordable, there will be no way to solve the problem. Once people get freebies, they won’t give them up.

“It’s a developmental necessity,” Newsom said of paid leave. “We’re committed to this.”

One excuse for doing it is so many other countries do it. Other countries also aren’t exceptional, and we won’t be much longer either.

His silly wife wants to be called the First Partner instead of First Lady. Maybe she thinks she was elected too.

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4 years ago

One party states never turn out good.

The self serving Newsom wants to be president. He demonstrated his lack of integrity by having an affair with his best friend’s wife.

Richard Maxson
Richard Maxson
4 years ago

Newsom knows what he’s doing. As he provides these freebies for illegal aliens and other California residents he will increase taxation on California corporations to fund the programs. The corporations will pass that increase in the cost of doing business on to their customers in the form of higher prices for their products.

We in New York buy all kinds of things California produces including food. That’s how New Yorkers, and everyone else in the country, will be forced to bankroll universal healthcare for California’s illegal aliens.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Also read at FPM–‘New California Governor Doubles Down on Sanctuary State Status.