Calls for Gun Confiscation, Wait Until You Hear Why


Barack Obama’s illegal gun laws are coming this week and they might be quite bad. Republican presidential candidates are warning him against it but if Republicans don’t fight this, they had better be prepared for the wrath of the American people.

On Thursday, CNN will host a gun control town hall with Barack Obama. He’s going to lie through his teeth. We will watch it here at the Sentinel so you don’t have to.

More and more, the left is calling for gun confiscation though that’s not on the table this week. These aren’t just idle threats – this is their plan for the future, probably under a President Hillary. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton talked about an Australian-style gun “buyback” (confiscation). The “mainstream” news like WaPo and the NY Daily News have called for gun confiscation. It’s becoming acceptable on the left and the Second Amendment be damned.

crazy harris-perry

Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC’s kooky anchor, wants to confiscate guns so husbands don’t shoot their wives with “legal guns”. In a conversation with Jon Shane, she said the following.

HARRIS-PERRY: “A lot of people shoot their wives with perfectly legal guns.”

SHANE: “And?”

HARRIS-PERRY: “So they wouldn’t if they did not have them. So, so —“

SHANE: “But we’re not going to take guns away from people. We’re just going to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get them.”

“Isn’t that kind of a false argument?,” he added.

Most gun crimes are suicides.

If you took guns away from people, they wouldn’t kill themselves, they wouldn’t jump off a building? Maybe they’d do something worse like drive their car head on into another car. I’d rather they shoot themselves than jump off a building onto me.

Melissa two-names started out saying that she doesn’t know anything about a particular case in Chicago but she made statements of alleged facts based on the case she knew nothing about.


Obama’s gun control is going to be based on lies and done illegally as he lies and pretends it’s all constitutional. The Brady campaign is out defending Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders because – at least he’s doing something.

So what that it violates the rule of law? At least they get something done! Of course it’s nothing that will stop gun violence because the root causes are being ignored.

Executive orders were never meant to override the constitution and laws passed by congress but Obama will do it with his cheering squad of loons like Melissa two-names who cheer the loss of freedoms guaranteed under the constitution.


This is what MSNBC passes off at news. They are not a news channel but are treated as such by the far-left, propaganda-happy, control freak president.



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