But How Can This Be? CIA, FBI Say an Insider Leaked Documents to Wikileaks!


There is a manhunt underway by both the CIA and the FBI for insider(s) who leaked documents to Wikileaks according to the MSN and CBS News. How is this possible? It’s always the Russians. That’s what we’ve been told.

CBS News has learned that a manhunt is underway for a traitor inside the Central Intelligence Agency.

The CIA and FBI are conducting a joint investigation into one of the worst security breaches in CIA history, which exposed thousands of top-secret documents that described CIA tools used to penetrate smart phones, smart televisions and computer systems.

Sources familiar with the investigation say it is looking for an insider — either a CIA employee or contractor — who had physical access to the material. The agency has not said publicly when the material was taken or how it was stolen.

The trove was published in March by the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks.

So it was a person the CIA and FBI hired, but are we to believe Trump orchestrated – with Russia – the leak of the DNC, Podesta and Clinton emails?

Podesta fell for a phishing incident and left his cell phone in a cab at least once; the DNC had security less that that which we see on gmail and the DNC wouldn’t let the FBI look at their computers — not at all suspicious; Clinton sent her classified emails all over the place and both Clinton and Huma left their cell phones on a bed in a hotel in communist China.

But we are to believe only the Russians were involved with that hack along with a professor, a dirty tricks politico, a campaign adviser and Donald Trump.

CIA Director Pompeo called out Wikileaks last month, saying, “It is time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: A non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia,” he said.

What is unclear is why only Russia?

We know we are being hacked by the Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians and a whole host of other countries, even Brazil.

The leak they are concerned about is the recent  Vault 7 leak. Much of the material was classified and stored in a highly secure section of the intelligence agency, but sources say hundreds of people would have had access to the material. Investigators are going through those names.

Hundreds of people? Seems like too many.

Why have they not looked into an insider for the other leaks?

Judge Napolitano appears to be right about the British spying on the Trump organization, perhaps he was right when he said an insider leaked the DNC/Podesta emails.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks appeared to slip and say it was an insider.

Towards the end of an interview with Sean Hannity in December of last year, at about 25:04 on the mark, Sean asked Assange if he’d publish information [that is of political and historical importance] about Donald Trump.

Assange responded, “Absolutely…and if Donald Trump makes a lot of enemies on the inside in his time in office, then he could well face the same thing, in four years time.”

Hannity said “That is the best indication that this did not come from the Russians. I don’t think you meant to say that.”

It was a political enemy on the inside who leaked the information if we are to take this slip seriously.

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Khavrahn Castlerock
Khavrahn Castlerock
6 years ago

IF it was a slip, instead of a planned comment to make it seem like it DIDN’T come from Russia. Ever hear of misdirection?

6 years ago

I have no problem with the CIA or others “protecting” us from foreign threats but they have been proven to be untrustworthy.
They are the foundation of a tyrannical state.