Looking to the 9th District for Hope – Can NY Be Saved After All?



Anthony Weiner After A fourth Woman Came Forward

The Republican leads 50 – 44 in Weiner’s district. This is actually quite amazing because the district is overwhelmingly Democratic and has never gone Republican. This information came from a Siena poll and they can be notoriously inaccurate. They might be posting this to get the Dems out to vote.

However, it still gives me hope that people can look beyond their ideology and pick the best person. Mr. Turner is a standup guy with good character. He sharply contrasts with his predecessor. I now have some faith that Americans on both sides of the aisle care about decency.

Mayor Koch, a man of great integrity, came out for Bob Turner as did many other people I respect. I hope Turner does win and I hope that Republicans faced with the same choice would also do the right thing. There is no comparison between Bob Turner and his opponent. Mr. Turner is the better man and he will try to do the right thing.

NEW YORK (AP) — The race to succeed former Rep. Anthony Weiner in New York’s 9th congressional district was never supposed to be close. No Republican has ever been elected to the House in the largely Democratic stronghold that covers parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

But the weak national economy, disenchantment with President Barack Obama, and New York-centric clashes over Israel and gay marriage have made the contest surprisingly competitive. Democrats now are scrambling to defend the seat

I think this could be a referendum on the character of all politicians.