Can Tough Talking Trump Be Elected “Negotiator in Chief”?


U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump formally announces his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination at Trump Tower in New York

It could be people are completely missing the point of Donald Trump’s controversial and contentious comments. Virtually every time “The Donald” strays from the PC rhetorical reservation we hear howls from many of the paid talking heads.

“He’s done.” “That’s going to really hurt him in the polls.” “That debate performance exposed him.” “Latinos won’t vote for him.” “It’s all about the publicity.” “He’s not a serious candidate.” The wailing’s gotten even louder since Donald’s discussed policy. Here are some examples of Trump specifics that have created big agita for both the “political class” and mainstream media:

  • ISIS- “Bomb the hell out of them.” “I say cut them off where they’re getting wealth.     Cut them off at the oil….” and then we “….keep the oil…”.
  • Trade with Japan &China- In putting business magnate and investor Carl Icahn in-charge of dealing with Japan and China Trump said, “And Carl….is a great negotiator and I have many other great negotiators who are dying to get involved.” Pushing back against trade being mostly about diplomacy Donald claimed, “It’s business too. We have diplomacy now. They’re killing us…”
  • Immigration- Regarding deportation of illegal aliens “The Donald” stated, “When people are illegally in the country, they have to go….We have a country. You need borders and you need law.”
  • Immigration- In discussing the revocation of birthright citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants Trump opined, “They have to go. What they’re doing, they’re having a baby. And then all of a sudden, nobody knows….the baby’s here.” When challenged by a reporter that using the “term anchor baby” was “hurtful”, Trump shot back, “Okay. I’ll use the word anchor baby.”
  • Immigration-“I’ll build a wall and Mexico’s going to pay for it…” Criticizing skeptics he claimed, “They (critics) don’t know the first thing about how to negotiate. Trust me, Mexico will pay.”

Maybe if nay-sayers weren’t so quick to dismiss each Trump remark they deem “politically incorrect” as self serving bombast, they’d consider that a fellow who’s made billions practicing the “Art of the Deal” is all about driving hard bargains. And you don’t successfully reach ambitious accords with difficult adversaries without some tough talk. Perhaps it’s time to admit Donald may be a serious candidate who is taking very strong stances so he can begin future, vital negotiations from strength.

Hardly a day goes by without pundits speculating why Trump is polling so well. Many of them credit his celebrity, non PC approach, “low information” followers, or voter anger against “the establishment”. Overlooked, is the possibility folks are choosing Trump because they think he can gain big wins by out-negotiating the same dangerous/unfriendly foreign leaders who’ve spent the last 6 years picking President Obama’s pockets .

Whether it’s the failed Syrian “red line”, trading 5 terrorist leaders for a deserter, or an Iranian Nuclear Agreement that looks worse every day, Obama’s complete inability to remain firm while making crucial pacts has terribly weakened both the United States and her allies. Voters, contrasting Barack’s dangerous record of impotence with just some of the Trump positions highlighted above are seeing the billionaire in different light. Meanwhile oodles of office seekers, consultants, and reporters remain trapped in their stereotyped characterization of the GOP’s #1 candidate.

While we’re far from being on the “Trump Bandwagon”, his candidacy has become too important to marginalize, simply through the lazy use of unfavorable caricatures. What if part of this guy’s tough talk, hardline strategy is to capitalize on Obama’s increasingly exposed failures in negotiations as Commander in Chief, while getting himself elected as “Negotiator in Chief”?

Developer Donald Trump didn’t make a billion bucks by putting up buildings that had lousy sets of plans. It’s unlikely he’d build a presidential campaign with any less care.