Can You Guess the HIV-Pos Actor Who Slept Around Who Police Want to Interrogate?


Hollywood has known for months, perhaps longer, that an A-list actor who has slept with at least 50 A-list actresses, and has been serial one-night stand womanizer, is HIV positive but didn’t bother to tell all the women he slept with.

The Sun reported earlier this month that “the actor’s list of exes includes an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality and a glamour model.” The UK tabloid also asserts that the star’s lawyers are allegedly “preparing for a raft of potential legal claims from previous lovers.”

He has been known to sleep with several women at a time.

The actor was afraid to come forward because he feared it would define his career as well as lead to potential lawsuits from ex-lovers because he knew he was HIV positive when he had sex with all these people and did it anyway, without telling his many partners.

It sounds like he should be sued.

There are reports that he got it from a porn star but the porn star said she wants to sue him because she got it from him.

He has been urged to come forward and finally will, but only after the National Enquirer named him. Unsurprisingly, it’s Charlie Sheen.


He was my number one guess because that’s the kind of person he is – definitely capable.

“Charlie thought he was indestructible and took no precautions – even though he was indulging in high-risk sex practices,” a friend was quoted as telling the Enquirer.

Sheen is going to tell all to Matt Lauer on Today Tuesday.

Police have said they will investigate Charlie Sheen over the allegations he slept with women while HIV positive, it has been reported.

“There are very serious ramifications for Charlie Sheen because we now know that he had been sleeping with women, in Hollywood, and not disclosing his HIV status, and that is a crime in California. Police sources are telling the NZ Herald  that they will now investigate this. We know that there were at least four women, four women who spoke to us that said they had sex, unprotected sex, with Charlie Sheen, during the period in which we now know he was HIV positive.”

From the NZ Herald, recent prosecutions from the Centre for HIV Law and Policy include:

• A man with HIV in Texas is serving 35 years for spitting at a police officer
• A man with HIV in Iowa received a 25-year sentence after a one-time sexual encounter during which he had used a condom. His sentence was suspended, but he had to register as a sex-offender and was not allowed unsupervised contact with his nieces, nephews and other young children
• A woman with HIV in Georgia received an eight-year sentence for failing to disclose her HIV status
• A man with HIV in Michigan was charged under the state’s anti-terrorism statute with possession of a “biological weapon” after he supposedly bit his neighbour.

Could Charlie be spending the rest of his life in jail? Would he deserve it?