Canada to Apologize, Give $10.5 Million to Confessed Jihadist Killer of U.S. Soldier


Omar Khadr

The left-wing government of Canada will apologize to a terrorist who killed one U.S. soldier and blinded another for life. In addition the government will give him a $10.5 million award for wrongful imprisonment.

Omar Khadr is an al Qaeda terrorist who was imprisoned at GITMO. A Canadian citizen, who was 15 years of age at the time, was caught in 2002. He was at the time planting roadside bombs to be used against U.S. troops in Afghanistan after a firefight.

SFC Christopher Speer

There is no doubt Khadr is guilty. In 2012, Khadr pleaded guilty to five charges related to the killing of Speer, a 28-year-old medic with the U.S. Special Forces.

This young American hero died in Afghanistan in 2002 during an ambush by al-Qaida operatives. Just days before he gave his life, Speer had fearlessly walked onto a minefield to rescue two wounded Afghan children.

It was Khadr, born and bred an Islamic jihadist by his terrorist father, who lobbed the fatal grenade in the war zone. Another American soldier, SFC Layne Morris, survived the attack, but was blinded in one eye for life.

Khadr bragged to a U.S. official “that the proudest moment of his life was constructing and planting IEDs” to “kill U.S. forces.”

The lefties want you to think that because he was 15, he was too young to be held accountable. Don’t be fooled. His family is known as Canada’s First Family of Terror. The family was close to Osama bin Laden.

He’s a cover boy, seriously

In 2015, he became a cover boy on MaCLEAN’s magazine. The magazine portrayed him as a victim.

“It’s a disgrace that he is on the cover of a mainstream news magazine, being portrayed as a victim, and in the company of two real victims, including a victim of Islamic terrorism,” Ezra Levant told at the time. Levant is the author of “The Enemy Within: Terror, Lies and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr.”

“Khadr’s transformation from a racist, sexist, Jew-hating terrorist, into a celebrity and folk hero is the result of nearly 10 years of combined propaganda by leftist journalists and lawyers – with Khadr as the willing participant,” Levant said. “They have managed to transform a pathological murderer into a ‘victim,’ providing Al Qaeda with a great PR victory.”

Khadr had sued Ottawa for C$20 million on grounds of violating his human rights. 

The Canadian Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that Canada “breached his rights by sending intelligence agents to interrogate him”, according to Reuters.

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