Canada censors Trump’s cameo & deliberately gives an absurd reason


Update: The CBC says they cut it in 2014, before Trump’s election for ad space and it was an unnecessary scene.  Maybe. What made us so cynical about this, and perhaps we are wrong, is the fact that the President said very recently — to troops — that it was one of his favorite films.


President Trump’s cameo scene in the holiday classic “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York” was reportedly cut from showings of the movie on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) this month.

The edit was noticed by viewers on Twitter. The dumb leftists praised the network for the move. Hate makes idiots of people.

CBC told, which first reported the backlash to the edit, that the movie was edited not for political purposes but to allow for commercials.

They are terrible liars, aren’t they? Even their excuse is deliberately inane so we all catch their message of contempt. It’s insulting to peoples’ intelligence.

Trump just mentioned the movie in a teleconference with U.S. troops on Christmas Eve. The media, even in Canada, is nasty and afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.



  1. LOL! Who cares what they do up there in America’s hat!? How much less significant can the the opinions of foreigners possibly be? Even if they weren’t “led” by Justin the Pantywaist!

  2. They did this on purpose, because ‘Blackface, Trudeau was also knocking Trump with Macron of France, and got caught.’ Apparently Canada doesn’t like OUR POTUS, so the same goes for their nation of allowing Terrorists to enter America-example: when they had a Muslim Terrorist trying to enter America at the millineum to bomb OUR REPUBLIC. The Canadians should worry IF their nation is going under with all those they allow into Canada with NO PAPERS-when you need help, “Two-Faced-Trudeau”, Call Macron…..NOT POTUS TRUMP, in America. Defend yourselves.

  3. There are many Canadians that like Trump. I see it all the time. Trudeau has certainly popped down to Washington for an audience with the President…

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