Canada Demands Religious Okay Abortion for Grants! Canada Today, USA Tomorrow


In Ottawa, churches and religious leaders are eligible for summer jobs grants as long as they support abortion, which they like to call pro-choice.

These religious groups are eligible for a federal grant to hire summer students. There is a catch, however. The groups have to agree with the core mandate of the government which appears to be abortion.

Catholic, evangelical and other religious organizations are arguing it’s unprecedented, unfair and possibly illegal to be forced to say they support abortion as part of their “core mandate”.

Church groups would like to know exactly what “core mandate” means and they are very concerned it will carry over to other grants and programs.

It’s Canada today but the USA isn’t far behind. One or two more Democrat presidents and it’s over for our religious freedoms.

The tyrants in our country today come in all areas of our society just as they do in Canada. In Bladensburg, Maryland, a peace monument honoring World War I dead must be torn down because it’s a cross monument. In a number of locales, tyrants are enacting dark skies laws. Stores can no longer have lights outside because it’s light pollution and impacts the sky — of course, there is no such thing as light pollution. Nothing is being polluted. It’s one of the convenient, invented words of the tyrant.

Read more here.

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