Canadian Man Fights Off Intruders with Their Gun, Is Now Charged with Attempted Murder


If someone breaks into your home with a gun in Canada, you might want to let him shoot you.

A man is charged with attempted murder and a raft of firearms offenses after helping fend off home invaders, one of whom he’s now charged with shooting, according to the Chronicle Herald.

Kyle Earl Munroe was arrested on July 12 after police responded to a report of a home invasion involving firearms.

Police said that three men entered the residence with guns and a struggle took place with two men inside. The two who were in the house seized a firearm from one of the invaders and shot a suspect as he ran away. The suspect does not have life-threatening injuries.

When you read the next paragraph, keep in mind that the gun belonged to the criminals [allegedly].

Munroe faces charges of attempted murder, intent to discharge a firearm, intent to discharge a firearm when being reckless, careless use of a firearm, improper storage of a firearm, pointing a firearm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm knowing that possession is unauthorized, and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Munroe is banned from any contact with two named individuals, must attend court as ordered, keep the peace and be of good behaviour, not leave his residence except for essential activities such as work or medical appointments, remain in Nova Scotia, not consume drugs or alcohol, not possess a cellphone or pager, have no weapons, and answer the door to police when they check at his home.

Munroe is due back in Dartmouth Provincial Court on Aug. 22 for election and plea.

There is a Canadian Patriots’ Facebook page with comments about the story.

One person wrote: My firearms instructor made a huge deal of teaching us that in Canada we do not have the right to defend ourselves with weapons. Doesnt matter if your an 80 year old man and some 20 year old guy is taking the last of your food, money and meds. If you can not beat him one on one wrestle him out of your house you have to just let him take your stuff. If you use a bat, knife, pepper spray or gun you will be charged.

Another said: There’s no point calling the police anymore, this is why you shoot, shovel, and shut up!!

Still another wrote: As a victim of a armed robbery myself, I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands before calling police and now am being charged with aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon. Never had a criminal record before is the funny part.

They are making criminals out of victims. In another article a man was facing more jail time than his attackers. You can read about that here.

Such is the sorry state of affairs thanks to liberals. This is exactly what the leftists in the United States have in mind for Americans.



  1. Same thing here in San Francisco! Armed robber in victim’s(homeowner’s) home, victim wrestles gun from robber, victim shoots robber (very minor injury), victim calls 911, police arrest robber AND HOMEOWNER. Robber is released from jail before homeowner and homeowner faces charges for shooting robber with robber’s gun, while inside homeowner’s home.

  2. This law has been in effect for many years…. This has nothing to do with Canada having a Liberal government right now.

    One can not defend themselves with a gun in Canada or any other weapon. Not even Bear spray…We do not have the second amendment in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. so… you shoot, wood chipper, and bury someplace remote and plant a tree! Do not call the police…it will take them over an hour to come to your aide if you tell them shots fired!

    This story though sounds as if the guy charged was found to have been selling drugs…..”for the Purpose of Trafficking”? Think there is more to this story than what is being told.

    • Do you have a link to an article about the drugs? I’d like to add it to the article. We know the liberals had taken gun rights away years ago. It’s not just this liberal government.

      • Sorry…there is no article pertaining to drugs. I said it sounds like there was drugs involved due to the phrase “For the Purpose of Trafficking”……what was he supposedly trafficking to be charged with that? He wasn’t trying to sell a weapon that he wasn’t authorized to have.

        It just sounded really weird to me. I have never heard that phrase before pertaining to a gun violation.

  3. The right to protect yourself is a basic right given by the creator. But that type of thought is too advanced for the left.

  4. Americans take the Bill of Rights for granted. Even England does not have some of the basic freedoms we have enjoyed for almost 2 1/2 centuries. Our government and progressive liberals has been trying to limit those freedoms for decades.

    Blessed B. sounds like a Canadian who has first hand knowledge of the workings of a wood chipper – and a forest in the back yard.

    • LOL! I don’t have experience with wood chippers…..but I do know some people who have very good imaginations and have come up with all sorts of ways to remove dead wood from the premises…..wood chipper was just the quickest one. 🙂

  5. V.Lombardi July 31, 2017 at 7:35 am

    The right to protect yourself is a basic right given by the creator. But that type of thought is too advanced for the left.

    … … …

    I agree 100% !!!!!!!

  6. Since I had lived in Detroit decades ago I used to go across to Canada and found it to be quite the pleasant place.

    There was one thing in Canada that shocked me. At one time we had a Canadian news channel and some of their reports were quite informative. It was in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 this channel had reports with people actually celebrating the 9-11 event. I don’t recall where in Canada this took place but there were a significant number of people who were involved. Because of that my opinion of Canada has been one of suspicion, especially what people like Mark Steyn had gone through.

  7. This is insane.

    Public Prosecution Service spokeswoman Chris Hansen stresses, “Right now they’re just pending charges,” but the point is still clear. Namely, that sitting quietly while governments pass more and more gun control is a recipe for disaster, as far as freedom is concerned. Seemingly benign laws like gun storage requirements and trigger lock requirements and more aggressive controls like firearm registration rules and magazine bans all portend a situation where a law-abiding citizen in the U.S. uses a gun in self-defense only to face prosecution for failing to jump through the proper bureaucratic hoops beforehand.

    Gun controls—regardless of how seemingly minuscule in the bigger picture—pile upon each other and empower criminals while tying the hands of would-be victims.

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