Canceling NY Times & WaPo subscriptions means you’re a fascist dictator


Don’t ever try to cancel subscriptions of the NY Times and The Washington Post even if they post false stories that are meant to take you down.

According to Retired Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey, Trump canceling the two newspapers across the Executive branch, saving a lot of money, makes him “Mussolini.”

In a tweet, the former four-star general, now an NBC contributor, called the decision a “watershed moment in history.”

“The White House Trump statement telling the entire Federal Government to terminate subscriptions to the NYT and Wash Post is a watershed moment in national history,” McCaffrey said. “No room for HUMOROUS media coverage. This is deadly serious. This is Mussolini.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “Can the White House ban the executive branch from reading publications that contain information they disagree with? How about any information dealing with global warming? Stem cell research? How about Foreign Affairs magazine? Ban books Federal libraries?”

The President isn’t keeping people from reading the papers as McCaffrey suggests in the tweet. They will simply have to pay for it themselves.

“Not renewing subscriptions across all federal agencies will be a significant cost saving for taxpayers – hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Grisham said in a statement on Thursday, October 24th.

McCaffrey is a frequent critic of the President’s, claiming he’s a “serious threat to U.S. national security.”

The two papers are anti-Trump and the President calls them fake news. Just the other day, the NY Times published a fake Ukraine article. WaPo’s notorious too.

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