Candace Owens Is Fired & Free, Ben Shapiro’s Free Too, & That’s That


Most people say Candace Owens was fired for her views on Israel. Candace Owens is entitled to her opinion, and people don’t have to listen to her.

Some say Daily Wire looks hypocritical on the issue of free speech.

Candace is accused of anti-Semitism.

Erick Erickson said Candace is not just anti-Israel; she’s anti-Semitic. I don’t know if that’s true, but if you don’t like what she says, turn her off, don’t cancel her.

I’m still not sure that Israel was the nail in the coffin. It might have been her wanting to put Kanye on the show or claiming Mrs. Macron was a man when she met Emanuel when he was her 15-year-old student. Whatever.

Andy Ngo said she has sounded anti-Semitic.

She’s great on many issues, such as Christianity. We have to go back to being able to disagree with people and not pick on them for their differing views.

Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens are rich, and no one needs to worry about either. I don’t care about the feud, but I thought you might be interested in Mark Dice’s take. He agrees with Candace’s views and also talks about the grift.

Candace seems fine. She said she’s happy to be free.

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