Candace Owens Is Self-Destructing Over Israel


Candace Owens is destroying her career with her latest comments about Jews and Israel. Her boss, Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, blasted her recent comments, calling them “disgraceful.” [Correction: He’s not her boss, but rather a co-founder and Editor Emeritus. Co-founder and CEO Jeremy Boering is on leave and said neither Ben Shapiro nor he can fire Candace Owens. He supports her.]

Perhaps it’s irrelevant, but Candace Owens is friends with Kanye West, who had an anti-Semitic breakdown last year.

After Shapiro called her out publicly, they unfollowed each other on social media. It’s not likely that she still has a job at Shapiro’s Daily Wire. She has gone from working for Turning Point USA to Prager to Daily Wire. Now where?

In this clip, Owens spouts an anti-Semitic trope.

Owens thinks Muslims have to live in the Muslim Quarter in Israel. She is talking about something she knows nothing about.

The term goes back to the 1840s and has been where Muslims in Jerusalem chose to settle going back to the 1400s. There’s also an Armenian Quarter, a Jewish Quarter, and a Christian Quarter. Also, Jews live in the Muslim Quarter, but it has become so unsafe for them that less than 100 Jews are living there now.

She claims that Israel is committing genocide after Hamas executed a genocidal attack on Israel. Israel declared war on Hamas but continually warns Gazan civilians before bombing a Hamas lair. Can Israel be banned from defending themselves because Hamas uses civilians as human shields?

Ben Shapiro was not pleased. He called her comments “disgraceful.” It’s not “faux sophistication, it’s ridiculous.”

Black celebrities are coming to her defense.

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