Candace Owens Is Self-Destructing Over Israel


Candace Owens is destroying her career with her latest comments about Jews and Israel. Her boss, Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, blasted her recent comments, calling them “disgraceful.” [Correction: He’s not her boss, but rather a co-founder and Editor Emeritus. Co-founder and CEO Jeremy Boering is on leave and said neither Ben Shapiro nor he can fire Candace Owens. He supports her.]

Perhaps it’s irrelevant, but Candace Owens is friends with Kanye West, who had an anti-Semitic breakdown last year.

After Shapiro called her out publicly, they unfollowed each other on social media. It’s not likely that she still has a job at Shapiro’s Daily Wire. She has gone from working for Turning Point USA to Prager to Daily Wire. Now where?

In this clip, Owens spouts an anti-Semitic trope.

Owens thinks Muslims have to live in the Muslim Quarter in Israel. She is talking about something she knows nothing about.

The term goes back to the 1840s and has been where Muslims in Jerusalem chose to settle going back to the 1400s. There’s also an Armenian Quarter, a Jewish Quarter, and a Christian Quarter. Also, Jews live in the Muslim Quarter, but it has become so unsafe for them that less than 100 Jews are living there now.

She claims that Israel is committing genocide after Hamas executed a genocidal attack on Israel. Israel declared war on Hamas but continually warns Gazan civilians before bombing a Hamas lair. Can Israel be banned from defending themselves because Hamas uses civilians as human shields?

Ben Shapiro was not pleased. He called her comments “disgraceful.” It’s not “faux sophistication, it’s ridiculous.”

Black celebrities are coming to her defense.

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10 days ago

“Candace Owens is destroying her career with her latest comments about Jews and Israel. Her boss, Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, blasted her recent comments, calling them “disgraceful.”

Ben is not her boss and does not own the company…he only works there….just as she does….she can have opinions too….

A Patriot
A Patriot
10 days ago

She has a right to her opinion. Not everyone will have the same take on Israel but can still be supportive. Its not like Candice is pimping the Hamas terror group.

10 days ago

Candace is telling the Truth. Jesus Christ is the Truth. Jews reject this. They are committing sins that cry out to Heaven for God’s vengeance. May the God of all change the hearts of all men.

Sam S
Sam S
14 days ago

I would call it genocide. But it is JUSTIFIED genocide.

15 days ago

I’m not an expert on any of the discussion below, however I know that many words have multiple definitions and many dictionaries are incomplete especially online. Below is an example on the subject discussed in this blog. I just perused a dozen online dictionaries looking for definition of Semite. Most are in agreement except the Oxford English Dictionary online. Of if you buy “the” Oxford dictionary of 20 volumes it is around $1000. (The mother of all dictionaries)

Near the end of this definition is the second definition which indicates the beginnings of it being used

A Jewish person. Frequently derogatory or euphemistic.”

Here is the exert from online:


  1. 1.
  2. 1598–
  3. Originally: a member of any of the peoples mentioned in Genesis 10:21–31 as descended from Shem, one of the sons of Noah, traditionally interpreted as including the Hebrews, Aramaeans, Assyrians, and Arabs. Subsequently also: a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language.
  4. 1598

From Assyria the Semites gan to trauell [Fr. on se retire] Vnto the land beguilt with Hytans glistring grauell.

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  2. 1598

He commeth to the third ouercrease of the Semites [Fr. aux troisiemes colonies].

  1. W. Lisle, translation of S. G. de Senlis in translation of G. de S. Du Bartas, Colonies 41
  2. a1751

They were so far from being servants of servants to their cousins the Semites, that these were servants of servants to them.

  1. Viscount BolingbrokeLetters on Study & Use History (1752) vol. I. iii. 112
  2. 1848

The country which, according to the most ancient traditions of the Semites, was the cradle of mankind.

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None but the Semites have, since the dawn of the historic period, seriously disputed with our family the headship of the human race.

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The mutual aversion of Semites and Aryans thus finds ample illustration in the literature of both.

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We may proceed to divide Caucasians into Europeans, Indians, Semites and so on; and then we may divide Europeans into Nordics, Mediterraneans, Celts, and so forth.

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  2. 2018

Jews and Arabs are Semites, sharing more than they have chosen to remember.

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  2. Show fewer quotations
  3. CiteHistorical thesaurus
  4. ancient history
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  7. A Jewish person. Frequently derogatory or euphemistic.
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This object [of the Anti-Semite League] is to be striven after in a strictly legal way, by resisting with all lawful means the further supplanting of Germanism by Judaism, by making it its task to thrust the Semites back into a station corresponding to their numerical strength.

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Being Semites I suppose they will survive somehow.

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The Gentiles are unable to savor the distinction between Portuguese and German Semites.

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You know very well how long I have been trying to get into the Acton Hill Golf Club… They are very choosy. No Semites, no Commonwealths, and certainly no sons of silent porn stars.

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They ponder whether they should have a Jewish employee present to make her think they’re a Semite-friendly firm.

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  4. derogatory
  5. euphemistic
  7. (attributive).
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  9. That is a Semite; of or relating to a Semite; Semitic.
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In all probability, the Salem of Melchizedek, who was the prototype of the Semite race in Syria, comes from the same source.

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Red-blooded Protestant department heads were regularly reporting the doings of the secret Konklaves to their Semite masters.

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When the Romans conquered the original Semite inhabitants in the first century B.C., they ordered the use of Roman place-names, which the indigenous Christianized Semites dropped after the Roman Empire withered in the fourth and fifth centuries.

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He..thrusts his far from pleasant Semite face so close to mine.

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15 days ago
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