Candace Owens Responds to Kanye Who’s Not Happy About Blexit Shirts


Update at the end. Candace Owens issued a long heartfelt statement on her blog.

Reports that Kanye West designed Blexit shirts was in error and it has led to Kanye West leaving politics behind and disavowing the Blexit movement as one that doesn’t represent his views. Blexit is the Black exit from the Democrat Party campaign modeled after the #WalkAway movement.

Kanye did great. He had reason to be unhappy about the misunderstanding. Let’s all leave him alone to do what he does best.

Ye was angry about being associated with something he didn’t sign on to. He only introduced Owens to the designer of the logo who didn’t want his name associated with the shirts.

He feels he was used by people, but they thought he was an ally in a world dominated by vicious leftist media and unhinged Democrats.

Blexit is Candace Owens effort alone and she explained that on Twitter in a statement.


Candace Owens Issues a Statement to Kanye & Others on Her Blog


  1. If it were up to me, and I had a choice between this courageous young lady, and the corrupt District Attorney of Baltimore, I’d choose Candace in a heartbeat. I’d do that, knowing that Candace does not have a law degree, but she has honesty, and integrity, which is presently lacking in that position. And there are law degrees in abundance on that staff to do the nit picking, she could supply the trust, that is sorely needed. But, if not Baltimore , she would do wonders as a Mayor of one of the, numerous, .badly run, cities now being run inefficiently by black Democrat Operatives.

  2. I’m just guessing here but I think some pressure was put on Kanye from the leftist community. Possibility that he was shown charts of his record sales slumping from his prior statements on moving away from the Democrat party.

  3. BLEXIT is not about Kanye West, sure he is a person with a huge influence but so is Candace and Charlie. They have been a tremendous force in getting out the message that you can vote for who you like, you don’t have to part of the group think and that it is okay to Republican. Kanye never said he was Republican he just said he loved Trump. Let us not attack him now, he is free to choose what he likes that is our message, be free, choose freely. Let the left eat their own, they expose themselves daily.

    • I hope I didn’t sound like I was attacking him. I think he’s great and as you said, he never said he is a Republican. It was a misunderstanding.

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