Candace Owens sues FB fact-checker — tied to Chinese Communists


Candace Owens is suing Lead Stories, the Facebook fact-checkers who helped take down our million-member Facebook page. She calls them hack checkers.

Owens exposes the fact that Lead Stories is run by a former CNN employee of more than 20 years, and is funded in part by a Chinese social media company, ByteDance, which owns the app Tik Tok.

All Chinese companies are under the rule of the CCP.

Owens explains that Lead Stories obliterates conservatives on social media by adding “fact check” notices to their content that says “missing-context” and limits the ability for Facebook users to see conservative content.

What right do Chinese Communists have to any role in censoring  Americans?

Just yesterday, Twitter banned the President’s personal account, deleted thousands of accounts or followers of popular conservative Twitter users.

CNN is trying to get Fox removed from Fox News.

Google has dropped Parler from their store. Along with Apple, they are the only two apps in the world. Parler is Twitter’s competition. Apple might remove Parler today if they don’t abide by their Draconian rules. Amazon hosts Parler and might delete them.

How much of a role does China have in deleting and censoring our sites? They are buying these corrupt companies and many who run the companies are not Americans. They have no stake in keeping the USA free.

Watch to the end:


The Federalist has exposed the ties of numerous media entities to China. CNN and its CEO Jeff Zucker are very tight with the CCP.

CNN is owned and operated by WarnerMedia, which has significant financial and institutional ties to the CCP. Warner calls China their partner and China invested $50 million in Warner. China said they made Warner a priority.

When U.S. companies work with organizations, those organizations must follow China’s use of its laws to advance its global objectives including cybersecurity law. That means they transfer technology to China and are subject to ongoing searches.

CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker also has a connection with China. According to CNN, Zucker works internally with Turner Sports and is responsible for programming acquisitions, production, marketing, league relations, and sports advertisement sales. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry annually.

A Fox News “Tucker Carlson Tonight” clip shows CNN singing praise for China over the coronavirus pandemic.

It is a national security risk.

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Eight Cents Fanzine
Eight Cents Fanzine
3 years ago

Made in China=in business with China.