Candace Owens suspended by Twitter as left claims she told people to break the ‘LAW’

GOP superstar Candace Owens was suspended from Twitter for telling the people in Michigan to go back to work in an act of civil disobedience against despot Governor Gretchen Whitmer. She is currently appealing the decision. #FreeCandace is trending on Twitter.


Dean Obeidallah had the gall to say Candace was telling people to break the law. Since when did despot Whitmer’s obnoxious, over-the-top rules become law? Did anyone see Congress pass that law? Do we have a Constitution any longer?

These lunatics think governors can pass laws that circumvent the Constitution.

Many on Twitter are saying the same thing. They are obviously confused.


Leftist racists are also out in full force.

The hate, all of it, comes from the left:



  1. I had heard Twitter was getting out of control;) I read the President’s twitter on WH Dossier daily to avoid the rage. Candace Owen is one of my favorites. She’s a spitfire!

  2. Twitter is owned by Communists, hard leftistsw who chew on the U.S. Constitution
    A Civil War is brewing

    • The “people” better act NOW or they WILL be screwed literally and figuratively…The US is the only country in the so called “free world” with the fire power in the hands of a significant majority to maintain their “freedom”…and as harsh as it may seem they will have to be ruthless in their actions towards those who would usurp their freedoms, as once in complete power, they would be doubly ruthless in usurping theirs…

  3. Tyranny has arrived in the USA my patriot friends and it’s time to wake the F**k up and stand up to these evil doers.

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