Candace Owens Takes on Linda Sarsour And Terrorists


Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA

Not one elected Democrat was on hand in Jerusalem today to celebrate what has long been fact — Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Candace Owens noted the fact on Twitter.

Many on the left tried to make the opening of the embassy into a negative but we have Candace Owens fighting some of them.


Candace Owens took on the unAmerican Linda Sarsour who echoed Mitt Romney’s criticism of Pastor Robert Jeffers. The pastor was chosen to give the opening prayer in Jerusalem today and had in the past said people of other religions will not go to heaven and Mormanism is a cult. The pastor believes only Evangelicals will go to heaven much as all other religions believe only their believers will go to heaven.

She told the leftist Sarsour, “You’re an anti-American mouthpiece that was given a platform by people that wish harm upon this country. Your time is coming to an end.”

As an aside, Romney was also upset about the pastor’s past comments about Mormonism. Why didn’t Romney get as upset when the left demonized Mormans during his run for the presidency? Just wondering.

Candace Owens took on the terrorists at the border too.

There is a lot of chaos at the Gaza-Israel border today. The insurgents are getting themselves killed — deliberately it seems.

These aren’t protesters, by the way, as the media likes to call them, they are violent militants and they are bringing their families as human shields.

Miss Owens asked in a tweet, “Q: Why would terrorists send innocent young children to a militarized border that they aren’t allowed to cross?” She answered her own question,” A: So that they can emotionally manipulate the world and extort rich white men like @ShaunKing


In October of 2000, with the help of President Clinton, Palestinian Chairman Arafat and Israel’s prime minister Ehud Barak tried to reach a final peace agreement in Camp David. In exchange for peace, Israel offered Arafat an independent Palestinian State, 95-97% of the West Bank and Gaza and half of Jerusalem.

The Palestinians made no counter proposal.

Any agreement he did make was revocable, Arafat claimed.

“After a time, Clinton became boiling mad and started shouting terribly. He told Abu Ala that this wasn’t a speech at the United Nations, and that the Palestinians had to come up with positive proposals of their own. Clinton shouted that no one would be able to get everything he wanted and that he too would like to serve a third term as president, but he knew that was impossible. He turned completely red and finally got up and stalked out. Abu Ala was deeply offended. From that moment, almost the only thing he did at Camp David was drive around the lawns in a golf cart.”


Arafat rejected a Palestinian state with territory in over 97 percent of the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem; with Arab East Jerusalem as the capital of that state (including the holy place of the Haram al-Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary); with an international presence in place of the Israeli Defense Force in the Jordan Valley; and with the unlimited right of return for Palestinian refugees to their state but not to Israel.

The new state of Palestine was to be the homeland for refugees displaced in the 1948 war and afterward, without ruling out the possibility that Israel would accept some to the refugees according to its own laws and sovereign decisions, giving priority to the refugee populations in Lebanon. There would be an international effort to compensate refugees and assist them in finding houses in the new state of Palestine, in the land-swap areas to be transferred to Palestine, in their current host countries, in other willing nations, or in Israel. Both parties should agree that this solution would satisfy United Nations Resolution of the 1940s.

Arafat turned it all down even though he got everything he wanted.

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