Watch Candidate for DNC Chair Refuse to Answer a Single Question


DNC Candidate Who Would Continue The Party’s Decline

Former Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene is hoping to lead the Democratic Party as the chairperson of the Democratic National Committee. Tucker Carlson interviewed her last night but she won’t answer questions.

He first asked her about her statement on Fox & Friends referring to the “alleged election” and how it related to Rep. Lewis’s statement about Trump being an “illegitimate president”.

He asked her if it’s an election that did not take place or shouldn’t have happened, as someone who wants to lead the Democratic Party what’s your position on that. He waited for an answer but it didn’t come.

Greene, who has a habit of not answering questions head-on, said, it’s not just the opinion of Democrats, Republicans, Americans…”something happened in this election with Russia, something happened that was so significant that the Democratic members of congress that got that classified briefing stormed out of that room and we may never know what that is if it stays classified. But we all have those questions.”

About Tucker’s opening comments, she said, “I don’t think anybody enjoys this. This is an attack on our democracy [it’s a Republic].” She rambled about a ship, Trump not healing us, and what Trump is doing on Martin Luther King day that’s so terrible.

She never did say what Trump did on Martin Luther King day.

Carlson asked if she was going to go around and campaign on the message that if it wasn’t for Vladimir Putin, in ways we can’t explain or be specific about, we would have won the election.

Her response was she didn’t say that [but she did say that]. She told him to stop “putting words in her mouth”.

She concluded that they have to tell the truth, meaning Republicans. Apparently she didn’t read the leaked emails in which Democrats are exposed as lying constantly.

Symone Sanders, Bernie Sanders aide, said “we don’t need white people leading the Democrat Party right now.” Tucker asked Jehmu what she thought about that, is it okay, does she agree? Jehmu absolutely would not answer the question for some time, no matter how he asked. She did finally, reluctantly, say it wasn’t her view.

Jehmu usually gets away with saying nothing and answering nothing. She only wants to spew general talking points. After calling Tucker names, she told him to stop being sensitive. She still wouldn’t answer a question.

When he asked her about lowering drug prices, she said she won’t “play the doctor game” and added that people are “fearful” about “what Donald Trump is going to do to this country”. “We have to resist” was her response to whether she would want to import cheaper drugs from Canada.

Basically, she plans to campaign by insinuating things, deflecting, attacking, and never answering a question.

As a Republican, she has my vote!

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