Canopy Oaks 5th Graders to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns, Change Gender Whenever


Fifth grade math/science teacher Chloe Bressack at Canopy Oaks Elementary School in Tallahassee, Florida sent a letter home to parents explaining that their children will learn to use gender-neutral pronouns in her classroom.

Mx. Bressack [not a typo but a gender-neutral prefix] sent a letter home stating in part:

“One thing that you should know about me is that I use gender-neutral terms. My prefix is Mx. (pronounced Mix). Additionally, my pronouns are ‘they, them, their’ instead of ‘he, his, she, hers.’ I know it takes some practice for it to feel natural, but students catch on pretty quickly.”

Don’t worry parents, she’ll let it slide if the students don’t do it perfectly. What a sport!

“My priority is for all of my students to be comfortable in my classroom and have a space where they can be themselves while learning,” the letter continues.

Uh, okay.

Principal Paul Lambert think it’s normal to ignore biology:

“We support her preference in how she’s addressed, we certainly do,” he said. “I think a lot of times it might be decided that there is an agenda there, because of her preference — I can tell you her only agenda is teaching math and science at the greatest level she can.”

No harm, no foul Lambert insists.

“There has been some [calls, but] the thing that has brought good understanding is, it’s not a preference that’s being applied to anyone other than the teacher,” the principal insisted.

The Superintendent is okay with it all because they also use correct grammar.

Are parents really going to allow this? The bad grammar alone is unacceptable.

You are supposed to think she’s normal and the principal is normal.

This all began when a male student decided to wear a dress in 2015. That got all the cowardly administrators working on insane solutions.

It’s not only grammar that’s affected. It’s bathrooms and locker rooms. If a boy decides he’s a girl on a given day, he can go into the girl’s locker room for example and visa versa. Yes, that’s normal too. At least we are told we have to pretend it is.

The school training explains that students are allowed to access facilities, like restrooms and locker rooms, and participate in athletic teams that align with their gender identity.

A lot of our government schools are doing this. Chicago Public Schools, for example, implemented guidelines last year that would hold students who intentionally use the “wrong” pronouns in violation of the school’s sexual harassment policies.

Soon, people will be sent to jail for it. It’s coming.

Here’s the gender-neutral teachers’ letter:

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