NY Cap & Trade – Without Representation By The People


Cap & Trade was rejected by Congress and by our legislature but that doesn’t matter because we have the EPA!

I went to the Clean Energy Leadership Task Force meeting at Molloy College today. The attendees were leaders of municipalities, towns, villages, LIPA, National Grid, et al. My reaction in general is that New Yorkers are not free and it’s going to get worse. All the initiatives they are recommending (and I might add, they have the power to put through) are to be mandates. The EPA gives them the power and the EPA is dictatorial. Not one of the many attendees cared that the rights of the people were being usurped by the government and the EPA. Not one person cared, the justification being that people won’t do it voluntarily so of course we have to force them. – I thought freedom meant choice, silly me. The speakers told attendees to go back to their towns and villages and force their mandates through.

The speakers and attendees obviously have all the answers about the environment so their ideas have to be mandates and they are going to implement them by pushing them through municipalities, towns and villages. They are offering dinky monetary incentives to bait towns, villages and municipalities.

I observed that the networking and the toadying was rife and many of these attendees are going to say and do whatever they have to do for their own sake. But that is merely a personal observation based on years of experience with networking and toadying.

The Home Energy Rating Index (HERS) is particularly alarming and it is to be used as part of the LI Green Homes Initiative. The initiative requires all new homes meet an extreme rating requirement of green energiness, a rating which is more demanding than the Energy Star Program. It’s based on a score of 0-100 and the lower the score, the better. One attention-seeking attendee was not to be outdone and yelled out that he had a 0 carbon rating.

If the collectivists can get this through, they can mandate anything afterwards. The LI Builders are supportive of it because, hey, they’re not building and selling houses anyway. The LI Realtors have not been consulted or involved in any way – can’t imagine why. An attendee made it clear that after this is through, they want to require resales meet the same stringent requirements. Seems to me that if that happens, the only people owning homes will be the rich, the entitled and the government. The official launch of the new rating system is June 8th as part of their plan to get people on the bandwagon.

Then there is the carbon footprint study conducted by ICLEI, funded by the Rauch Foundation and soon to be taken over by New York Institute of Technology (it’s a big taxpayer money source). It’s one of the first projects of its kind. My biggest problem with this entire carbon footprint concept is having CO2 declared poisonous when it’s necessary for life as we know it. But, forgetting that, ICLEI combined inadequate research data from many government sources to determine which LI towns and their residents have the biggest carbon footprints. Guess what! Residential homes and passenger cars are the worst offenders as are most LI towns. Wow, couldn’t have seen that one coming. The war on LI homes and drivers will soon begin. I’m sure we can look to more mandates because we won’t do it on our own. The website www.longislandghg.org will soon have all the details about how evil and “ungreen” us Long Islanders are.

Then there is the commercial end of things. As if New York isn’t unfriendly enough to business and commercial real estate, the latest innovation is to make all commercial buildings “green” under the commercial building benchmarking program. The fact that New York charm is replete with old buildings won’t matter at all. The commercial building benchmarking program (green mandates) is now being experimented with in New York, San Fran (what a surprise), Austin, Seattle, and Washington. Given the left nature of these cities, it’s highly unlikely they will find a single thing wrong with their extreme “green” requirements on commercial real estate. Their plan is to then go to smaller commercial buildings. In other words, more mandates, more costs, less freedom…

New York is so done. Beware all other states. The poison will soon spread. The “green” movement which has proven to be very corrupt in Europe is heavily funded and supported by collectivists. The colleges have caught on to this movement and push it through their students and graduates. The networking builds on the movement. If you think you can stop it, go out and stand on the railroad tracks, hold up your hand and see if you can stop the 6 PM Express.


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