Cap’n Biden And The Great White Whale


Cap’n Biden And The Great White Whale

By David Reavill

In Herman Melville’s novel: “Moby-Dick,” the story revolves around an obsessed Captain of a Whaling Ship, Captain Ahab. Years before, Ahab had his leg bitten by the “great white whale,” Moby-Dick.

From then on, Ahab made it the mission of his life to kill that Whale. In the nineteenth century, this single-focused obsession was called “monomaniacal.” And it perfectly described Captain Ahab. Nothing would come between the Captain and his revenge on that Whale.

I don’t know if “big oil” ever inflicted such injury upon our President. But there can be little doubt that he is taking revenge upon his “great Whale.”

President Joe Biden talks on the phone with King Salman of Saudi Arabia Wednesday, February 9, 2022, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Since he stepped into the White House, Joe Biden has had one mission. And that is to seek revenge on the oil industry. And if the objective has been to bring these companies to their knees, Biden has been wildly successful.

He canceled the Keystone Pipeline, blocked new drilling on Federal Land, and banned Russian Oil. Biden has done it all.

Like Captain Ahab, Biden has chased Big Oil across the seven seas.

But unlike Ahab, while Biden’s target might have been the oil companies, his aim has been far afield. Because while oil company profits have remained high, it is the American consumer that Biden has struck.

Today citizens are paying the price for Biden’s obsession in the form of higher inflation. A review of any of the current inflation reports will clearly show that. Last week, the Producer Price Index reported that fully 40% of its over 10% rise came directly from the rising fuel cost.

Retail prices show the same price rise. Last week, the Consumer Price Index reported an increase of 8.6%. And again, the most significant, most crucial contributor toward inflation at the Consumer level is fuel. Specifically, gasoline prices are now well over double where they stood when Biden took office.

And that’s the point.

Reducing Oil and gas have been in Biden’s sights for a long time. Making gas more expensive and harder to find has been Biden’s objective. Recently some old campaign speeches for the soon-to-be President have made their way onto the internet. In those speeches of 2020, Biden clearly stated that he wanted to do away with these carbon-based fuels.

Last week Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy, once again emphasized this Administration’s goal to transition to more environmentally friendly energy sources. Read, phase out oil and gas—phase in the wind, solar and electric.

So don’t think for a moment that this is an accident. It most certainly is not. It is a carefully planned and orchestrated attack on what is fundamentally this country’s chief energy source.

Each step along the way, the canceling of pipelines, the boycott of Russian Oil, the blocking of drilling. It brings them closer to the goal of eliminating carbon-based fuel.

The fact that all these moves increase inflation is simply a bonus. Making the public’s gasoline use more expensive is a good thing from their perspective as it will move people away from that “dreaded” fossil fuel.

It’s all part of the Plan. A master plan that I’m pretty sure Joe Biden has been working on for years. The Plan grew from an applause line at this stump speech. “I’m going to do away with oil and gas…” That has grown and evolved to become the central policy of his Administration.

But while it was well-received by the few who turned out on the campaign trail, it’s not playing so well today.

Like Captain Ahab before him, Joe Biden is on a mission. He is out to get “Big Oil.” And nothing, but nothing will stop him.

That overwhelming obsession has consumed him. And the genuine possibility is that Biden may face the same fate as Ahab.

In the novel, Ahab becomes entangled in the harpoon rope as Moby-Dick dives into the briny deep, killing both the Captain and the Whale.

Increasingly, this seems like the fate of President Biden.

Despite warnings of Wall Street and Main Street, Biden seems determined to pursue his foe.

And if the political polls are correct, he is driving himself and his Administration into its own “briny deep.”


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Frank McCarthy
Frank McCarthy
11 days ago

It should not have arrived to this point. Diminishing the economic gold that petrol does nothing more than decrease the GNP of an entire nation and affects prices internationally as well. It all start with us here not out there.
We have a plethora of energy sources to draw from…this kind if richness should be applauded not turned off.

12 days ago

Democrats have hated Oil for at least 100 years. 0bama went after Oil, but big Oil was smarter than he was. So Traitor Joe took a Sledge Hammer out and smashed the Industry. What part of Solar does Democrats not understand as Unreliable? The best low pollution Energy is Nuclear and Liberals don’t like Nuclear because it’s something else that is too complicated for Liberals to understand.

Liberals always run around talking about how smart they are. Why can’t they Govern? Back in the 1990s, I was active in MENSA. By far most of the people who came to social events weren’t Liberal Democrats. They weren’t Conservative Republicans. They were Libertarians like me! Really smart people don’t need to be part of a tribe. They are smart enough to be a Lone Wolf and prosper. People like be were smart enough to get out of the Market Last Year and avoided the 20% loses the “smart” people have suffered. Anyone can make money in the Stock Market. The trick is keeping it. As I tell my Daughter, “Pigs get Slaughtered.”

Even Morons should have been able to figure out that when Traitor Joe went insane and destroyed Oil Exploration in the United States the outcome would be high fuel cost and the collapse of the Stock Market. I expect a Market below $15,000 before 2025 if Democrats remain in the White House! Hopefully, Traitor Joe will cause enough pain that people will realize that the Federal Government and Presidents have too much power.

Frank McCarthy
Frank McCarthy
11 days ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Glad you mentioned the gift that Nuclear energy would be. Most folks seem scared of this Energy source. It needs to be utilized.

12 days ago

Nice pose, too bad the staff will NOT let Joey into the oval office without supervision. The furniture is too valuable to let him take a crap on.