Caravan Country of Guatemala Recently Captured 100 ISIS Terrorists


Americans can be assured that these caravans bursting through our borders daily include terrorists and gang members.

Guatemala is one of the countries that sends large groups — caravans — of illegal aliens to the United States. Some caravans transit through Guatemala without pushback and others begin in Guatemala.

They just caught 100 ISIS terrorists and they are overrun with gangs. We don’t vet any of the people pouring in from or through Guatemala. You can be certain some who get through are terrorists.

Where’s the outrage?


Prensa Libre reported that Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales named as one of his accomplishments the capture, prosecution, and deportation to their home countries of nearly 100 ISIS militants. The data about these ISIS-tied people is confidential as a matter of national security.

He spoke at the second Conference for Prosperity and Security in Central America. Included in the meeting were U.S. officials, the President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez and the vice president of El Salvador Oscar Ortiz. Also present were secretaries of Foreign Affairs and Governance of Mexico, Luis Videgaray and Alfonso Navarrete.

This was reaffirmed by the Secretary of Strategic Intelligence Mario Duarte.

Duarte told Prensa Libre that, as an example of these captures, in 2016 a number were from Syrian with fraudulent documents. These individuals were deported in accordance with our laws.”


In his speech, the president also said that between 2017 and 2018, 1,250 gang members from Barrio 18 and Mara Salvatrucha have been captured, for which 150 structures dedicated to extortion and murder were dismantled.

According to Judicial Watch, the Texas Department of Public Safety even issued a report documenting how the MS-13 emerged as a top-tier gang in the state. That is thanks to the influx of illegal alien gang members that came with the UACs. At the time. more than 60,000 UACs—many with criminal histories—had stormed into the U.S. This was in a matter of months. Tens of thousands more eventually made it north.


Guatemala has long been known as a major smuggling corridor for foreigners from African and Asian countries making their way into the U.S., Judicial Watch reports.

Last year Guatemala’s largest paper, Prensa Libra, published an in-depth piece on the inner workings of an international human smuggling network. It moves migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh to the U.S.

Individuals are sent to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates then flown to Brazil before heading to Colombia.

Once in South America, the migrants are transported to Panama. From there, they move on to Costa Rica — then a central point on Guatemala.

One Spanish news report refers to Guatemala as a human smuggling paradise because it’s so easy to get fake passports. A few years ago, the head of Guatemala’s passport division got arrested for selling fake passports to a group of Colombians, according to a government announcement.

IN CONCLUSION, many more of the ISIS terrorists and other anonymous people get through. Mexico releases them because they don’t have facilities to detain them. In the U.S., we release them and even transport them to destinations within the U.S. Thanks to catch-and-release, they are sent around to various parts of the country at taxpayer expense.


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