Caravan Heading for the U.S. Issues a List of Demands…Really…No Joke


The caravan of 1100 to 1500 Central Americans are marching through Mexico on their way to Texas or California — their plans keep changing. The President was told by Mexico that they were broken up but they claim they are continuing their march. In any case, they have issued their list of demands.

That’s no joke. They’re serious. As you read them, think of how we got to this insane place. Both parties are guilty. It’s bipartisan corruption and systematic destruction of the United States. George Bush and, especially Barack Obama set us up for this. Democrats have the distinction of demanding open borders as a human right.

The demands include: respect them, let them in, and end all deportations. Welcome to the new America courtesy your globalist politicians.

Americans don’t these entitled people coming here.



  1. The demands show that the effort is Marxist. On violence and gangs, Mexico is worse than the other countries. LGBT is a tiny issue in Latin America. Fixing Latin America is not our responsibility.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that the evil George Soros is backing this caravan. This is what happened in Europe. Now they’re overrun with illegals. This has to stop. Our economy can’t handle these people leeching and sucking the system dry. So when they get to the border, give them water and food and send them back.

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