Caravan of 4,000 Military-Style Migrants, Money Being Handed Out


NBC News reports that the caravan has grown to 4,000. At the same time, illegals are pouring into the country each day. There are caravans coming in daily.

Another 500 Mexican police were sent to the border but what do they plan to do? Is it all show? A portion of the caravan has broken off and is almost at the Guatemala-Mexico border. That’s another cartel tactic. They break up as they reach a border and flood the borders in different areas.

In September alone, U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 41,400 undocumented immigrants, up from 37,544 in August, according to numbers not yet released publicly but obtained by NBC News.

Those are the ones apprehended.

This a national security emergency. Unfortunately, all the Democrat Party cares about is their ideology. They no longer care about the country at all.

Democrats want future voters so only their party will rule.

We need immigrants who come through a legal system of entry that protects our citizens from highly communicable diseases that aren’t addressed in many countries and are often epidemic in nature. The system also excludes criminals.

Where do people think all those odd diseases are coming from? Measles is back.  Polio-like diseases have been detected in the U.S. It’s the same for Tuberculosis and smallpox. Where do people think these old diseases are coming from? These people are coming without vaccinations for the most part.

If you plan to stay in any of these Central American nations for any length of time, you will be told to get every shot under the sun.

The President has promised to cut aid to Honduras and Guatemala if they don’t stop this march of foreigners. He has sent officials to speak with these governments, but the reason the far-left Obrador won in Mexico is that Mexicans want the U.S. to maintain open borders.


Rep. Matt Gaetz posted footage of women and children being given cash to join the caravan and storm the U.S. border. This is the October surprise before the election and Gaetz suggests we investigate the source of the funding. It’s usually communist George Soros and equally far-left U.S.-backed NGOs behind it.

Ninety percent of illegal aliens and fake asylum seekers are being released out the front door. There is a limit to how long they can be detained and if they have children with them, they get out in 20 days.

The cartels also flood the border with large groups so the border agents can’t keep them in detention.



  1. We can add ‘leprosy’ to the growing list of diseases.
    In the video, the guy on the left has a beard. Where’s the money coming from, Soros, commies, LaRaza, or radical Islamist? Maybe they’re all working together? Time to investigate.

  2. Good for you, for saying, they’re bringing their diseases with them. It’s being ignored and the border must be closed immediately. .

    • Allowing these diseases to enter the US is highly unethical, officials should be fired.

      Obama was shipping people across the USA before they could be screened, and threatened people with termination for speaking in public about it.

  3. An invasion that will spread all types of harm nationwide giving the Democrats unlawful votes to help transform America into a diseased, crime-ridden, drug infested nation, welcome their Utopian Paradise of Hell. God help us!

    • This IS the agenda of the Democrats/RINO’s…Obama added the Islamic touch. The whole idea for removing borders is to reduce all countries to the lowest common denominator to enslave the idiots and sanctuary cities are designed to protect criminals and in the case of Portland, actually put the criminals in charge…there are very sick psychopaths in high D.N.C. positions. Hillary calls for the abolition of the Electoral College – in effect the END of the Republic…and Obama heads up the seditious/traitorous Shadow Government that is unconstitutional…and all have the complete support of the sold out corrupt mainstream media and the new Judas element in social media…

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