Caravan Organizer Is a Fugitive Who Raped a Child — His Cousin


On Tuesday, Honduran authorities arrested and detained Juan Carlos Molina, identified by La Prensa, the Honduran newspaper, as a coordinator of the latest caravan.

As a new migrant caravan grew to more than 2,000 on its way from Honduras through Central America on Tuesday, Honduran authorities announced they had arrested and detained Juan Carlos Molina, and identified him as an organizer and promoter of the trip.

Molina, 26, was traveling with the caravan when Honduran authorities realized he had an outstanding warrant for rape charges from 2015, and arrested him, according to El Heraldo, a Honduran newspaper.

Juan Carlos Molina was on his way to the United States to seek asylum for raping his minor cousin, according to Diario La Tribuna.

According to La Tribuna, Juan Carlos Molina raped his minor cousin, who was under the age of 12 at the time.

Molina snuck into his cousin’s bedroom at night while the young girl’s mother was away at work and raped her, according to La Tribuna.

The minor child became pregnant and gave birth to a son. A DNA test of the infant matched Molina’s DNA.

He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, until August 31, 2034.

Molina was carrying fake IDs.

But don’t worry about those caravans, just because one of the organizers is a child rapist. Why would that be a problem? It certainly isn’t for the Democrats!

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